Sunday, August 14, 2016


This one is for my FB buddy Tom, who likes to call me 'stupid' or 'dumb' because I won't support Trump - and also for the rest of those who try to bludgeon a Trump vote by stating that not voting for Trump is like a vote for Hilery (sic), or that Trump is obviously better than Hilery (sic); or warning that if Hilery (sic) is elected, we will lose our country in 8 years (as if I can still recognize the country I'm currently blogging in); or my personal favorite: "(then) face the consequences of the future Supreme Court." (but why repeat myself).

NEWSFLASH: If (when) Trump loses, it's his fault - and because he was the wrong candidate. 

I know it's a popular argument from many trumpeters to state that if Trump loses, it's somehow my fault. I don't blame the cupcakes who never supported the only constitutional conservative during the primaries for finger-pointing. After all, your candidate is already positioning and leveraging himself for the loss.

Then again, Einstein and his chalkboard may have this all figured out.  
In conclusion, Hilery (sic) is a despicable human being and I would never vote for her. I certainly understand those of like-mind who plan to hold their nose and vote for somebody they determine to be less despicable than Hilery (sic). I respect their choice and pledge from here forward not to try to influence them to my camp of nevertrump - as long as they give me the same courtesy.


Ed Bonderenka said...


dr hirkimer said...
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DaBlade said...

Einstein should stick with that 'Fear of Relatives" theory of his. I think he's been snorting chalk dust again.

dr hirkimer said...

Ha,I was only joking my friend and I too, find myself in your dilemma. I think I'll do what my Dad did last election and write in your brother Greg.

DaBlade said...

You make a compelling argument. If Greg wins, this WILL become a catholic nation. By gun point if necessary.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great title if I could only pronounce it Jerry..LOL

Hope you had a great weekend hon! Keep the faith my friend! xoxoxox