Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama and his Royal Litter

Is that redundant?

Weren't we told that when The One assumed office, the war would end; all of our troops would come home and start building Biden's bridges; peace would break out and the world would love us again; the economy would rebound; we would close Guantanamo; we would grant constitutional rights to terrorist prisoners (or just release them outright); and there would be no more poverty?

By the way, when Obama assumed office, he made an ass of u and me.

Obama Repeats Soviet Missteps in Afghanistan
Obama talks about pulling out of Iraq to satisfy his liberal wingnuts that put him into office, while at the same time ratcheting up troops and costs in Afghanistan and setting us up for an endless war there. War casualties have continued to mount since Obama raised his right hand and mangled his "oaf", yet their is no insensitive mosaic of their pictures forming Obama's face on Michael Moore's website.

Guantanamo abuse worse since Obama
No surprise there. Torture is one of those stool legs he talked about, isn't it? I know I've been tortured since his coronation.

Wall Street shares have plunged since the messiah-in-chief's inauguration, and they continue to freefall (even after his little joint meeting of Congress). Every time Obama speaks, the Market tanks even further. It's no surprise, as the economy has been yoked with trillions more of debt in Obama's "New Deal II Marxist Recovery Plan".

The Obama presidency. Litter indeed.


DD2 said...

great blog and great picture, but couldn't you get Obama's nose a bit more in the air?

Chuck said...

As far as the markets, I wish he would shut up, I want retire eventually.

RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...

Obama's reign of terror has been worse than I imagined it would be.

Anonymous said...

. I think that the Republican party better start thinking about 2012. Because Bobby Jindal did not impress me at all.
What the Hell were the Republicans thinking? I am simply astonished at their complete stupidity. They bring up Katrina which certainly emphasized Republican Governmental incompetence and tell us they the best way to get through the current emergency (economic crisis) is to have a repeat performance of their Katrina response. The American people can do anything - rejecting the GOP platforms included. Now that there economic message is falling on deaf ears they will move to the "moral" issues. Anti-abortion and and anti-gay agenda moves to the forefront. I bet we see a duel Governor ticket of Sanders and Palin or Pawlenty and Palin from the GOP in 2012. Jindal is done. I expect the GOP will not let him back on the stage anytime soon. The majority of Republicans currently in office are a parody of themselves. They will attempt to purge the moderates in their party in the next three election cycles.
So I think if they go with Jindal in 2010, we are in deep doo doo.
Jindal and Steele are both self-serving tokens.
They don't care that they've been chosen as the "New" face of the GOP because they are minorities, just as Palin didn't care that she'd been chosen because she's a woman.
The Republicans need to wake up to the fact if they cannot pick a representative who can be an effective orator offering a solution other than "tax cuts" and "stop wasteful spending" their chances of getting the White House back in 2012 will be zero.

Chuck said...

Mary, It's incredible that the party of affirmative action and civil rights is so racist when it comes to Republicans that are minorities.

Jindal and Steele are both self-serving tokens.
They don't care that they've been chosen as the "New" face of the GOP because they are minorities, just as Palin didn't care that she'd been chosen because she's a woman.

This is especially stunning from the party of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama was less qualified for president than both Jindal and Palin. Thank God he didn't exploit his race, huh?

Fianlly, the thing I love the most over this Jindal story is how he didn't speak very well, Obama was far more eloquent. Leave it to the party of Obama to think this is the most important part of leadership.

DaBlade said...

DD2- Thanks! He looks down his nose to better see his subjects lick his boots.
Chuck- I hear you!
RK- and he's just getting warmed up!
MMQC- I just left a comment at your blog about this, but I believe it'd be a huge mistake to continue to let the MSM pick our candidate again. Democrats have a corner on the market of style over substance, but that market will crash just like the stock market did. BTW, nice blog you have.
Chuck- Oops. I guess that's what you said :)

cube said...

BO's royal litter is more like kitty litter to me.

The style over substance debate continues. Jindal is effecting positive change in LA, but if you listen to the MSM, he's a dork who enunciates with strange inflections.

I don't know what the future will bring, but I'm not one who thinks we should let the democrats choose our candidates.

RevRight said...

I'm with DD2 on Obama's Nose in the air.

PIC-PIC said...

I don't see how Katina was the Republicans fault. The state and local Dems did nothing for their people. And how come BO isn't giving money to help out the victims of the storm? He and the other Libs criticized W from sun up to sun down for not doing enough. Geez, BO is giving Hamas 900 million- where's the outrage?

Anonymous said...

Louisisana is doing well because of what? Ah, that would be the millions of federal taxpayer dollars pouring in to help rebuild. Mr. Jindal's braging on the LA economy, makes Obamas argument that you need to input lots of money into the economy and create jobs.
dont be so naive people. think!

pasadenapio said...

I can't stop staring at that photo. What the hell is going on there?!

DaBlade said...

What the hell is going on there?!

:) That's what I wanna know!