Friday, April 17, 2015


“Chewie... We’re home.”

Great. A new Star Wars movie. I saw the Revenge Attack of The Phantom Menace Sith Clone thingys... and for that reason, I'm out!

I loved the original trilogy. I also loved Pong. However, some things should stay in the past so we can remember them as they were.

Why drag things out from the past, now all smelly and wrinkly, and try to dust them off and prop them up?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Dude. I'm impressed.
Let's avoid the smelly wrinkly old stuff.
Her campaign theme would probably be:

DaBlade said...

Hey, I didn't realize Perez Hilton could sing so well!

Sparky said...

Boy, your satire is on fire! Wish she was too. *lol*

Sparky said...

PS: I like your "verify you're not a robot" choices. Chose which images are beer??! It also proves I'm not drunk enough ... yet. *roflol* :)

cube said...

LOL... until the black helicopters fly onto your lawn. I hear the gummint is looking into gyrocopters now. Keep an eye out for them, too.

DaBlade said...

Thanks Sparky! As for the robot words... not sure why that's even there. I never use it. But beer drinking robots will be the scurge some day :)

cube, I'm easy to find if they want a piece of me :)