Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Class, get your pencils out, turn your cell phones off and no talking.

I. Developed by researchers at UC Berkeley, CellScope is...
(A) a microscopy system that turns camera-enabled mobile devices into microscopes to diagnose and monitor infectious diseases.
(B) a one-of-a-kind presidential mobile teleprompter with a built in taser and silencer for them really tough questions from conservative Harvard students.

Complete the headline

II. Despite All Evidence, (A)__________ Claims a Successful (B)_____________.

(A) "North Korea", "Madonna", "Barack Obama"
(B) "Malawi Adoption", "Satellite Launch", "Overseas G20 Trip"

III. Megamouth (A)_________ Caught (B)___________.

(A) "Michelle Obama", "Shark","Al Franken"
(B) "With Bare Arms", "and Eaten", "Fondling the Queen"

IV. (A)_________ asks (B)___________ how to improve ties.

(A) "Fidel Castro", "Rush Limbaugh", "Mahmood Ahkmadeenadude"
(B) "Michael Moore", "US lawmakers", "The Driveby Media"


RightKlik said...

Clever quiz.

Chuck said...


Sarrena said...

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James said...

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