Sunday, May 6, 2018

Chris Christie Volcanogate

The USGS now says Hawaii's Kilauea eruption was caused by a collapse of the Pu’u’ ‘O’o crater, which increased in seismicity and deformation along the Volcano’s East Rift Zone. 

But what caused this collapse of the Pu’u’ ‘O’o crater remains a mystery, as does the noxious and toxic  gas emanating from the area.

In other news, former New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, says the surprise eruption will not curtail his Hawaiian vacation plans.


Kid said...

If we force North Koreans and all Arabs to speak Hawaiian, we could have world peace.

cube said...

At first look I thought it was Michael Moore shooting one of his mockumentaries.

DaBlade said...

HA! Well, keep in mind that our men & women in the military can have the lava delivered if necessary.

Cube - I see that resemblance and I share that wishful thinking.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well, it's obvious Christie caused the collapse.

Kid said...

Rosie should have the option of serving 5 Dinesh sentences, or flying to Hawaii and plugging that volcano with her fat behind.

DaBlade said...

Ed, Why would you say such a hurtful thing?

Mr. Kid, I guess we'll find out if its a crime in this country for leftists to make political contributions over the legal limit to democrats, or if it just works one way. I like your idea for plugging the volcano better though.