Friday, January 16, 2009

The bitter winds of change

The messiah-elect's Inauguration (and Woodstock Concert) are just days away. 1.5 million people are expected to attend these outdoor "festivities" amidst unprecedented security (and reportedly over a dozen strategically placed porta-potties). As starry-eyed worshippers of The One are packing for this roadtrip, I would suggest to them they include their longjohns and electric socks. It may be a little chilly. The bitter winds of change, Obama style, are racing toward all of us like a devastating Nor'easter gale.

Remember when Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the gulf coast back in August? The libs at the Daily (Wac)Kos were beside themselves with joy at the prospect of a horrible storm punishing those nasty Republicans during their evil convention. The NYT asked if the timing was Karmic Payback.

Well we here at Chattering Teeth headquarters refuse to reciprocate and lower ourselves to their level. We hold no ill will towards these folks by cheering on colder temperatures. In fact, we are worried for the health and well-being of Washington's homeless population, what with Obama's roadies kicking them out of the area.

"District of Columbia and federal authorities are telling homeless people that they'll soon have to vacate the large chunk of property that will be secured before President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration Tuesday."

Wow. Obama appears to be modeling his administration after his beloved communist Chinese. He went out of his way to praise China for all of their infrastructure investment in the lead-up to the Olympics. Now, he is following their lead in sending the Migrants and Homeless Packing.

We can assume Obama's voters haven't educated themselves since election day and will be fully unprepared if dangerously low temps are in the forecast. Maybe his sheeple expect roadies to pass out wool sweaters upon their entry to the hallowed grounds. After all, he was elected to take care of all their needs. In fact...

If his followers get cold and hungry, all The One needs to do is have one of his disciples pass a basket containing 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish (a hoody and a 40-ouncer) amongst his minions.

Many have blogged about all of the Obama paraphenalia and souvenirs for sale in commemoration of this histeric event. Everything from dinner plates with The One's likeness, to coffee mugs, T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. The over-commercialization and merchandising of Obama's inauguration is sad. All these folks are missing out on the true meaning of this event, that is, to quietly celebrate his birth (and skin pigmentation).

Is Inauguration Day weather a good prediction of the incoming administration's performance? You tell me.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Torrential rains flooded his open car.
John F. Kennedy: An 8-inch snowfall
Ronald Reagan: Warm and sunny
Barack Obama:??? BITTER and a Chance of snow


dmarks said...

Re: "Remember when Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the gulf coast back in August? The libs at the Daily (Wac)Kos were beside themselves with joy at the prospect of a horrible storm punishing those nasty Republicans during their evil convention. The NYT asked if the timing was Karmic Payback."

From Monsters and Critics website:

Filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on Keith Olbermann's show on MSNBC, and quipped that Hurricane Gustav's timing was "proof there is a God."

The documentarian joked with Olbermann that he's delighted to see a natural disaster possibly interfere with the Republican event.

Yes, I have bad things to report on Moore, along with the positive mentions I have on my blog.

And I was at Target last night, and was shopping near a group of people talking about Moore. Something to do with his real estate dealings and/or movies. Someone woke up to bright movie lights shining into their house or something. Might be one of Moore's neighbors.

-suitepotato- said...

Bet your back end Moore and his cronies will never document the Obama phenomenon accurately: the first black president, essentially given the task of emptying the oceans with a spoon by the very people supporting him as a function of the underhanded way they got him elected: by having him run against the outgoing lame duck president's perceived presidency they themselves made out to be the most monumental failure in history.

Linz said...

Bitter is right, brother, bitter is right.

Bill-CT said...

I was on the west lawn of the Capitol on January 20, 1981. I was wearing a wool suit & longjohns. It was warm enough that the longjohns weren't necessary.

The day started off overcast. At about 11:45 the clouds parted and rays of sunshine shone on the Capitol. Just before noon it was announced that Iran had released our Americans it had been holding hostage. Iran didn't want to mess with the Big Guy.

cube said...

The press will spin the weather as well as they possibly can. Cold and snow is GOOD luck for an inauguration, dontcha know?

Chuck said...

One thing that will be funny, If I were to watch it that is, is the inevitable speeches about global warming while everyone is standing around freezing their asses off.

DaBlade said...

Moore's neighbor? Bright lights repeatedly flashing through their bedroom window every hour waking them up? It's just the pizza deliveryman at Mikey's place again.

Hey Bill-CT! glad you could make it to Chattering Teeth headquarters. We get more than a few visits from the golf site. I'm still jealous of this photo of some COLLEGE PUKE reporter getting this kind of Gipper time. How's the weather on the east coast?

Anonymous said...


"a hoodie and a 40 oz"

That is hilarious. You have a great blog. I am going to link it to mine. Thanks for dropping by and posting at mine. I look forward to following you.

Bill-CT said...


It's been real cold here but not as bad as you guys have had it. It's "up" to 17* now.

I've got a cropped and blown up copy of that picture, just showing the two principals, hanging on the wall above my computer desk. A few weeks ago my 6 year old grandson noticed it and asked, "Grandpa Bill, who are those two guys?"

Average American said...

Here in northern New Hampshire, we woke up to 39 degrees BELOW zero a couple of days ago. Global Warming my ass! They say we might see 20 above tomorrow, I'll believe it when I see it. If any homeless die from the cold because the inaugeration kicks them out of their cardboard boxes, it'll be on NObama's head. Of course, we won't here about it with the media we have. Nice blog, I'll be back.