Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama might as well dance

Most asinine quote in past century?
"We cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth..."
messiah-elect Barrack Obama

"We no can depend alone on circling camp fire singing 'aye yuh yuh yuh aye yuh yuh yuh' to chase away evil spirit and make rain fall from sky."
Indian Tribal Medicine Man and Rain Dancer

Of course, this is an imperfect analogy. The indian's dance, while having no effect on the condensation of atmospheric water vapor, will not have an opposite intended effect by worsening the drought.

It would be better for the economy if the messiah-elect threw his plan in the garbage, put on a feathered headdress, and sang 'aye yuh yuh yuh aye yuh yuh yuh'.


RightKlik said...

Good point!

Linz said...

It's more like the government shouldn't be doing it at all--not they shouldn't be doing all of it.
Anyone up for a mass exodus of the US for the next 4 years? Ugh.

Monkeydarts said...

A rain dance can at least seem to work through coincidence. A government taxing and spending its way to prosperity? Can't happen.

PIC-PIC said...

Same sad story- The more the government gets involved the bigger the problem becomes.

The Patton Doctrine said...

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The Patton Doctrine

dmarks said...

Sorry, I can't get past the "Tonto: speak!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Oh, dear. Invoking an image of Native Americans while criticizing the Chosen One.

I fear you will offend delicate Lib sensitivities with this post.

Soon they will call for the Waaaaaambulance. You are a meanie.

DaBlade said...

Rain Dance not the solution to problem. Rain dance is problem.
Chief Gipper

MD- Sort of like a stopped clock being right twice per day, a better batting average than Obama.

dmarks-DaBlade is multilungful, which is to say that I can speak in many different dialations. All self taught.

PCC- "waaaambulance" Nice! I used to tweak them into commenting. I guess I chased them all off. Either that, or they're all camping on the lawn early to get a good seat for the inauguration and woodstock concert.

cube said...

I'd laugh at the humor if this subject wasn't so serious. The only thing marginally less magical than the negro is the native american. You have succeeded in offending both. May God have mercy on your soul ;-)

Rob said...

Yes, I'd say this quote:

"It would be better for the economy if the messiah-elect threw his plan in the garbage, put on a feathered headdress, and sang 'aye yuh yuh yuh aye yuh yuh yuh'."

is a contender for the most asinine quote in past century. Does the word "racist" mean anything to you?

-suitepotato- said...

"We cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth..."
Bareback O'Rama, swimsuit model-in-chief

While a "duh" statement for anyone with a sharper than an old eraser grasp of reality, it needs to be said to the sheepizens of our nation who are daily taking in the "congress is doing this, government is doing that" bailout talk in the press.

We've lived under the idea that government is the font of all good and right for so long that few are they that remember their own part in it or believe they have one. Of course it reflects that he believes that government has a part at all, which it does, and more frighteningly, that it is and should be a large one, which it should not.

The best thing the government can do economically is to get out of the way, generally. But right now, what can best be done is something that is at odds with their venal interests: tell them that there's nothing to worry about and everything is fine. Get back to work, spending, and doing business.

The worst possible thing right now is for the people to buy the nonsense about an economic catastrophe because when they do, they engage in all the behaviors that surely bring one about. They cut spending back to the minimal, when they run businesses they engage in layoffs and stop any raises and hire new people at decreasing salaries. The ripple effects of lost business to retailers and all the product manufacturers who sold through those retailers are gigantic. The banks see the businesses at large as bad risks, they tighten lending, they make it harder to get a business financed.

If there's anything that this whole mess has pointed out, it is how much of this economy has been based on its own sort of Ponzi scheme of constant investor input without much if any solidification of otherwise fuzzy business forecasts and methods and relying on endless loans that get made again right as soon as the last is made. Pay off the first million loan and get a loan for three million, and THIS is the current notion of how to do business.

While I have great hope, I won't hold my breath that the market and the business sector will learn to work pay as you go, and doubly not given that the new prez coming in is a big believer in government, and more than half the nation thinks he is JFK reborn.

DaBlade said...

Rob- lighten up! I did check out your bio and learned that you are a writer in the Indian and gaming fields. I have been a major "contributor" to most of my state's Indian Casinos! Seriously, I love Native Americans and their history. However, I have no such affections for the messiah-elect and his bunch. So if you're also a lib, you are still offended. Nothing I can do for you there.

suitepotato - Bareback O'Rama, swimsuit model-in-chief (nice!)

Thank you all for the comments.

dmarks said...

Sorry, Dablade. I'm no kind of lib, but I'm on Rob's side on this one. To me, the Native stereotype detracted from the point about Obama's quote.

And for Obama's statement, it is rather vague to me and I can't be sure what exactly he means. In the past, he has shown an ideology that too much favors the idea of government action as the main engine of economic growth.

DaBlade said...

dmarks- OK. I do think some people are too quick to be offended, but I get the point. Probably wasn't the rain dancer but the chant that Rob found offensive, and I would leave it out next time. No sense losing a scalp over it! Just kidding!