Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chattering Teeth 10-Day Forecast

BREAKING: Climate Change Front expected in 10 days!

Awwww. The poor Pamphleteer will soon be back out in the cold.


cube said...

Happy days are almost here again :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Unfortunately he'll still have Secret Service protection.

DaBlade said...

cube, as you know, I wasn't on the Trump bandwagon, but that fight is over. I'll take 'partly cloudy with occasional sun' over continuing an 8 year sh*% storm. I'm in.

Ed, talk about a horrible assignment. That's where they banish agents they want to humiliate or punish.

cube said...

DaBlade: I'm glad to hear you're in. I know that I was on the Trump bandwagon sooner than you, but only because I didn't think there was any other GOP candidate who could stand up to the democrat-ruled political/media/academic cabal. Considering events since the election, I still can't name anyone else who could have withstood the blitzkrieg that Trump has endured and could still be standing with his/her fist in the air. I'm already feeling a lift in the country's mood and that's a great thing.

Kid said...

Ha, Good One !

Cube/DeBlade, it seemed obvious to me that a standard issue republican had no chance of being elected, especially after their rubber stamping exercise of 8 or more years. Too many people simply would not vote just as they hadn't in 2012.
I was very pessimistic until I voted and saw that twice the number of people had voted in my polling place. I dared think that people got off the couch to vote for something other than politicians.

I hope it works out. Can't imagine it would have been better with any of the other usual suspects. Kasich, Bush, or any of the others would not have had a chance.

Trump seems to be finding the path.

DaBlade said...

Kid, he definitely steamrolled the establishment. Hopefully aims at the left from here on. I really did enjoy that first presser :)