Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Goat breaks into Colorado office
egged on by a bunch of 'kids'

"The goats escaped capture, leaving behind only a few pellets of poop."


Police sketch 

BE ON THE LOOKOUT for a gang of roving goat vandals (a/k/a democrats and RINOs). If you see an animal banging its head against a glass wall for more than an hour - you are probably one of only 3 known conservatives in Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, informants in Colorado have been singing to the coppers


Kid said...

Now I get it! democrats are actually Goats ! No wonder they want to import moslems !

DaBlade said...

YES! It always comes full circle.

cube said...

We shouldn't disrespect goats this way.

cube said...

BTW I must mention, this is most hateful coming from someone named Kid.

DaBlade said...

LoL! Kid is a self-hating goat? I didn't say that!

Z said...

Maybe it'll get lucky and it's a muslim goat so they won't publish his name or keep him in jail!? :-) Jerry, honestly, if you could hear what I'm hearing from my Munich-living stepson about what's going on in Germany today you'd flip. in a bad way.

DaBlade said...

That's sad, Z. I'm sure I would flip... maybe even a little bit surprised. for even when I think I know how bad things have deteriorated, I still can get shocked. Maybe that's why I go into hibernation here for long periods. A little overwhelming sometimes.