Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is baby from the Capital One commercial an Occupy Wall Street protestor?

Evidence that the baby is a hemp-smokin' hippie protestor...

1) Is sitting in his own feces.
2) Is irrational and otherwise incoherent when discussing capitalism and the free market system.
3) Knows that "mommy" or "daddy" will be along shortly to throw that funny man in the suit out of the house (after lifting his wallet and giving it to the baby to chew on)

After further review, the baby can't be an "Occupy Wall Street" protester because...

1) George Soros did not supply the Cheerios.
2) No evidence to suggest the baby is anti-semitic.
3) C'mon! The baby is adorable.


  1. DaBlade, your missing the most obvious difference between this baby and the protesters.

    The baby is in this commercial, which means she has a job and is therefore a productive member of society. This in itself sets her apart from the maggot infested hippies out protesting.

  2. Chuck, a poll recently showed that about 15% of the Wall Street marchers were unemployed. Don't know if this is accurate but suspect the percentages change from one rally to the next. I do know that being unemployed and being an "Occupy" socialist are two different things or I guess I would have to march along side them. Many in the ranks of Obama's unemployed are like me - folks who lost their jobs and their homes during the last 3 years, who have been trying desperately to find work and become productive members of society again. Some, like myself, have college degrees and an impressive resume of experience to offer - but can find no takers because of the catastrophic destruction of the economy perpetrated by this POS president and his minions. Rather than demonstrate against the banks who were recipients of Obama's bailouts, I choose to spend my time working odd jobs here and there until I can find something more permanent. I suspect this may not come to pass until sanity is restored and obama is gone.

  3. Gee, we were joking about this cute baby and now we have to listen to annoying political drivel....

  4. Dear anonymous,
    This is a blog for adults. I'm sorry if any large words scared you. Now go back to your blocks and don't let the blog door hit you in the full diaper.

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