Thursday, November 25, 2021

The First Thanksgiving, as told to the drunks lining the bar by AOC.

Long before the white dogs came to the United States, the area was inhabited by many Native American tribes. These native people lived in peace and spent their days dancing and singing and planting trees. They didn't pollute the land or water. They didn't own anything and were happy about it. 

One day, a ship called the Mayflower filled with white supremacists and Proud Boys landed somewhere near Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

They immediately began to throw toilet paper at the indigenous people's homes, which is why they call it tee peeing.

Then Chief Thomas Rainwater invited Captain Dutton and the invaders to share in their meal of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. 

The mostly peaceful Native Americans waited on the white devils 'hand and moccasin', and for a short time, peace and harmony returned to the pristine land. 

A short time later, the whiteys massacred all of the natives and stole the land. The climate immediately began to change.