Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Greasy Slope of Mt. Hippie (and me without any crimpons)

Rarely do I read anything that blows me away quite like Samuel Pennell's New Year's Day piece found on American Thinker titled, Roll Back the Hippie Damage. In it, he accurately describes what ails us - that being a disintegrating traditional American family through the destruction of our culture - perpetrated against us by the "progressive" hippies from the '60's. All the while, this decay is being cheered on by a compliant media and a rationalizing academia.

What do we have to show for 50 years of slipping down the greasy slope of Mt. Hippie without any crimpons? According to Pennell:

"... the whole place (America) is turning into a street corner in San Francisco."

Pennell also briefly wonders what makes these liberals tick, and it is a question I myself have pondered more than any other. Not the socialist democrat politicians. Self-perpetuating power is what motivates them. But what about the average, everyday Obama voter? Are they simply breathtakingly ignorant? Is it possible that their motive is a destruction of our culture because they are hateful? No? If they aren't inherently evil and otherwise just plain stupid, what motivates a lib to be a lib then?

Do they look around at the rising drug use, an epidemic of broken homes and out-of-wedlock births, the over-sexualization of females, an utter destruction and bankruptcy of our economy due to their misguided philosophy they falsely believe helps poor people but really just manufactures more and more of them... do they really see all this as "progress"?

I give up trying to find an answer to that question and understand that I will be perpetually vexed by them. Rather than worry about understanding, it is time for them to simply be defeated. Utterly and convincingly.

Pennell closes with this call to action:
As a conservative, I can say with 1000% certainty that this is not what I want my America to be. This is why I am raging in favor of a conservative revolution in 2011, and I'm convinced that it will happen. I need conservatives to be loud, though-I need your help. I need for everyone speak up as loudly as they can-in public, on the internet-everywhere. Our voices will rise, and we will yell so loudly, that everyone will hear us-politicians, the press, academia-everyone. We will speak so loudly that it will be impossible to ignore, and this country will be ours again. This is still our place, this is still our land, and we can still make it what whatever we want it to be. God bless America, God bless Ronald Reagan 2011.
Time to climb back up that mountain. Why? Because we can.