Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cooky the Clown Joins White House Staff

Chattering Teeth Breaking News Update Thingy.... 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP) received a new briefing partner this week when Cooky the Clown (CTC) joined her at the podium to perform as her sign language interpreter. Not really, but that is the only way I'd watch that clown show. 

Is it just me or are her eyelids way lighter than the rest of her? Is it makeup, and if so, which is her natural color? Her eyelids are actually caucasian in color which has me wondering if she(?) is actually a white chick in brown-face, ala Rachel Dolezal or Justin Trudeau? It doesn't matter to me, but we know there is nothing more important to the leftist democrat diversity box-checkers.

By the way, who remembers Cooky the Clown on Chicago's Bozo's Circus Show? 

We actually had our own Bozo show in Flint when I was growing up. I was in the studio audience for one show back in 1971 and was selected to be one of the hula-hoopers for the outro. (yes, that was me). Maybe I'd watch the KJP's Circus Show if the 'reporters' in the audience had to hula hoop. And Peter Doocy dressed as Bozo and throws a pie in KJP's face at the end of each briefing. Maybe Biden shows up in a tiny clown car and unloads with 32 secret service agents...

Nah. Still no.