Monday, May 29, 2017

North Korea Launches skinless Beef Hot Dog

CTN - North Korea launched a 14k-lb ballistic skinless beef hot dog today, believed to be a Nathan’s and Curtis BEEF MASTER Beef Frank that was recently recalled last week due to metal materials in the product. The hot dog scud appears to be propelled by a single liquid-fuel rocket engine burning French's yellow mustard. 

Defense Secretary James Mattis states that if these tainted dogs get into terrorist's hands, it would be catastrophic.


Now a pause to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation.  Friends, relatives, neighbors. Patriots, all.  The Chattering Teeth Bunker is filling later today for a Memorial Day picnic. My dual Weber grills will be fired up for freedom!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love Roller Coaster Saturday, "Say What"?

I could have gone another half-century without exposing myself to this...
Man secretly proposes to boyfriend on Disneyland ride
May 26 (UPI) -- A Disneyland visitor used a hand-made sign to secretly propose behind his boyfriend's back whole they were riding Splash Mountain... "He had no idea I was proposing and I told him that we should make 'shocked' faces for the camera," he wrote.

"I quickly hid the sign away after the drop and when we exited the ride we walked to see our photo and he was shocked. I got down on one knee and asked him to spend the rest of his life with me. He said, 'yes,'" the redditor wrote.
Here is a photo of me in the next car...

This wasn't the only proposal at the park yesterday. It seems the former president finally popped the question to Seddique Mateen, The Orland gay club gunman's father who also happens to be a self-hating homosexual muslim. The Courtship of Omar's father

I've said it before, and I'll say it repeatedly... I'm not homophobic and I do believe that its none of my business what pedophiles do in the privacy of their own cell block. But...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Now Hawaiian judge orders Gianforte to Bake Cake

Chattering Teeth News - Obama's hack Hawaiian judge Watson who issued the temporary restraining order against Trump's travel ban from terrorist-infested countries, is back in the news again with another bizarre ruling.

Judge Watson has ordered Greg Gianforte, the newly elected Republican congressman from Montana, to bake a gay wedding cake for Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. This, after Gianforte has been charged with assault for allegedly body-slamming the snowflake reporter and breaking his glasses (and possibly tearing his onesie).

"I didn't body-slam the guy," insisted Gianforte. "He barged in uninvited and stuck that microphone right in my face. I said, 'get that thing away from me,' but he just kept repeating, 'it's not touching you, it's not touching you,' so I brushed his hand away... I gave him the 'Melania' treatment. And then the li'l fella goes FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM!"

 Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs sips his latte during interview with CTN.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Alba The White Privileged Albino Orangutan Joins Summer Edgar Winter Tour

Chattering Teeth News - A rare albino orangutan named Alba has reportedly gained 10 pounds since having been rescued from a village in Indonesia. The name “Alba,” means “white” in Latin, and it is believed wildly speculated here that he was being held by a Black 'Tans Matter guerilla group.

Why the preferential treatment for this WHITE orang?

Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild, yet how many dark-skinned 'tans are rescued and nursed back to health in the wild? More over, have you ever heard of a white orangutan shot while in it's Cleveland Zoo enclosure - or is that treatment just reserved for the majority minority American-African primates?


In other Wildlife news:

A Sea Lion has been awarded the Medal of Freedom for dragging Nancy Pelosi into the water from a Californian pier.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Tips Saudi King To Carry His Luggage

[Trump palms off a $100 bill to Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia]

PRINCE: The King says You don't tip "The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques"

TRUMP: Sure you do! I tip everybody. That's my philosophy. Actually, it's not tipping I believe in, it's overtipping.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Thailand’s “Uncle Fat” Macaque to Join Kid Rock Tour This Summer?

Thailand’s chunky monkey
BANGKOK — A morbidly obese wild monkey who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists has been rescued and placed on a strict diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

Wildlife officials caught the chunky monkey — nicknamed “Uncle Fat” by locals — after photos of the animal started circulating on social media last month...

“He had minions and other monkeys bringing food for him but he would also re-distribute it to younger monkeys,” 
said Supakarn Kaewchot, a veterinarian in charge of the monkey’s diet."

Uncle Fat would also "re-distribute" to the younger monkeys? With Hillary, Bernie and Pocahontas a little long in the tooth, it looks like the Democrats might have their new top of the ticket for a run in 2020. Just a simple matter of updating some records to reflect a Hawaiian birth certificate.


BANGKOK — A morbidly obese wild monkey who goes by the name “Uncle Fat” is said to rule the Bangkok suburbs with an iron fist and ample girth. He has minions and other monkeys 'taxing' and pillaging the countryside and bringing him all the junk food and pop they can carry. Uncle Fat throws a few crumbs to his young military guards while the rest of the subjects are dying from starvation.

Satellite imagery shows that Uncle Fat may be planning a surprise missile test and may be developing a nuclear program.

Stay tuned as this breaking news story unfolds.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Contemporaneous Hieroglyphs by James Comey's Ancestor!!

These tablets have been uncovered in the parking garage of one of Trump's casinos, and the special prosecutor has assigned a team of top-notch investigators to the site in hopes of uncovering additional evidence.

I love it when the media learns a new word in their morning 'marching orders'. Free Press, indeed.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017



1) Former FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo  stating President Trump had ordered him to drop the Flynn investigation when he stated, "I hope you can let this go".

2) In Trump's letter firing Comey, he states "I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation..."

3) COMEY FIRES BACK with THIS memo stating, "Sorry I called you and lied to your face. I will never call you again, really sorry." From: Comey To: Trump

I know these technical and professionally written memos can be hard to read and understand by the average Washington Post readers (and 'reporters') - so let me break this down. Comey now says he lied to Trump about him not being investigated, PROVING that Trump has disclosed sources and secrets to Russian spies.

Some kid writes police apology for misusing 911...
Clearly, there is a forgery above and we can safely assume that Comey prank called "the cops" and tried to throw this little boy under the school bus. When will this madness end?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mummies Day From Pyongyang

Kim Jong-Un plans to spend a quiet Mother's Day in his mansion retreat in the Kusong region, launching missiles, ordering family executions and torturing a few prisoners for amusement.

After that, brunch with mother.  
Ko Young-hee was the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-il's consort and mother of Kim Jong-un. She died over a dozen years ago. Surveillance satellite imagery reveals there is just a pile of shoveled dirt beside an empty grave at the Taesลngsan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery. 

A boy's best friend is his mother.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Polk & Trump - My Mane Men

President Polk declares war on Mexico
On May 13, 1846, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly votes in favor of President James K. Polk’s request to declare war on Mexico in a dispute over Texas.

Mexico didn’t follow through with its own threat to declare war...

This, barely 10 years after the Republic of Texas declared independence from the Republic of Mexico in 1836, and less than 2 weeks after a joint resolution passed on March 1, 1845 with regards to the annexation of Texas (culminating on December 29 of that same year).

The 10-year delay was due to the threat of war with Mexico and upsetting the slave state/free state balance.

TRUMP: Polk was really angry what was happening in regard to Mexico and Texas. People don't realize, the Mexican War -- you think about it, why? People don't ask the question, but why was there a war with Mexico? He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Alamo, he said, 'There's no reason for this.' Polk said, 'build a big, beautiful wall and make Mexico pay for it.'

Friday, May 12, 2017

WeakyLeaks Dump - for you Pencil-Pushing Home Improvement do-it-yourselfers

In the last blog's comment section, we have been discussing a problem I ran into when replacing a garbage disposal. It was actually surprisingly easy to dissamble the plumbing and the old disposal (mine is on the right sink side). The new disposal went in with few issues.

Pro Tip: Don't try to use the Plumber's Putty you kept in your garage and is likely several years old and has long since dried out into a rock hard paper weight. Make a THIRD TRIP to your local Home Depot to get a cute l'il 9-ounce container for about $5 bucks. Yes, you will only need about ONE ounce of Plumber's Putty for this job and leaving 8 ounces - this time I was smart and used the extra to make a putty replica of Harambe the gorilla. Might as well be an amusing paper weight.

After this, I made the decision to replace the other sink's drain and strainer, as the entire thing was looking sketchy. This is where things went sideways.  The strainer locknut was/is frozen solid to the drain insert stem underneath.
From the Family Handyman...
Quick and easy fix for a leaky kitchen sink basket strainer. Replace the basket strainer yourself in just an hour and save the cost of a visit from the plumber.

After 'quickly and easily' hammering on the free-spinning locknut on the underside of your sink for over an hour, consider a bundle of TNT. TO BE CONTINUED...