Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obama be juicin' in Poland

This may be the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.  Leaked video of President Obama apparently working out in the gym of the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.

Seriously,  this looks like serious 'roid rage to me.

Hans: Alright, now let's get started. First of all, before you pump, you must warm up or else you'll hurt your muscles. Now, listen hear: we can't make you warm u, that's entirely up to you!

Franz: Yeah. Listen to me now, and believe me later: you know, if you don't think this matters, you know.. maybe we should take a belt to your buttocks muscle until it's all black and blue and swollen!

Hans: Alright, enough talk. All we want to do is..

Together: Pump.. [ clap hands ] up!

Mooshell was also caught in the act also.

Let's Move indeed. UPDATE!!
 The individual thought to have surreptitiously recorded the less-than-flattering video of obama "working out" has been roughed, coughed and sent to Gitmo.

Apparently, obama has a phone, a pen, and now he has some empty jail cells for his real enemies.


  1. That's a nice tie-in with the empty cells for his real enemies in Gitmo. Our soldiers continue to die, while we endure phone taps, the TSA pulling our pants down and countless other sacrifices to our personal liberties all in the name of safety and freedom. This moron undoes it all by trading 5 of the most heinous men in Al Queda for a deserter, and most likely a traitor.
    Now, he is seen by the world straining with heavy-hand size dumbells doing girlie-man exercises. What a disgrace!

  2. Reggie Love is doing to Obama what he's doing to us. That's the only thing he's practiced at. He is truly a disgrace.
    Thanks for the Laugh Out Loud moment. ~:)

  3. dr h, it's all in the reps. He just keeps lifting and grimacing. Careful, or he'll fling you like baby poop.

    Sparky, Glad you laughed! :)

    Z, one, two? My animated gifs were not displaying last night. As you know, blogger doesn't allow them, so my chattering teeth logo, and now my latest post of obama and michelle working out are hosted on my godaddy acct but it was down last night for some reason. Glad to see they are back.