Saturday, February 3, 2018


Powered by over sized headgear and a powerful memo on FISA abuse, Devin Nunes is The Flying Nunes! Hillarity will ensue, as this House Intelligence Chairman will soar over Washington D.C. each week triggering the liberals and leftists to scurry away looking for a safe space or their Tide Pod stash. 

I already have my lunchbox (below) to take to work.

Yes, I did watch The Flying Nun,  but in my defense;
1) We had only one TV in the house back then;
2) I had an older sister;
3) I was still in elementary and had yet to attain double-digits.


  1. I have to admit to being.... Well, no I can't admit to that in a public forum.

  2. Oh, dear! I fear that Lester fellow, aka Rational National USSR has finally cracked from the strain of pretending to be polite and fair-minded.

    Goodness, I do believe he was stewed to the gills when he unleashed that broadside.

    A person's true character will always come out eventually. I also noticed that Sour Ducky's Here is also not so polite when he is not in AOW's house.

    Nasty, smelly creatures, progressives. I hope this means that Lester chap won't be haunting these environs anymore

  3. THE FLYING NUNES! you absolutely crack me up ALL the time!
    Don't you wish we could have a big dinner party with Kid and you and me and Cube and all the other great folks who blog in our corner of the blogosphere? Oh, man...we'd never leave! We'd never stop laughing and crying at THE LEFT :-) (yes, I'd love to meet Mrs. Chattering...she can come, too!) xxx

    Possemlady, Ducky is NOT who he is at AOW's nailed it. I literally had to shut down my Blogger blog and switch to WordPress because it got so ugly with him there....and he was the first request to comment after I'd changed...!!! To be fair, I REALLY give it to him, and so do others, so he does AOW's, but at my blog I asked several times for civility and stop the nastiness to my other commenters...didn't work.

  4. Good one. Your post makes me want to say, "This is gold, Jerry, gold." Let's hope Nunes comes through for us just as Sister Bertrille always managed to do by the end of the episode. Of course, she had friends in high places.

    Z, your dinner party sounds like a blast. It might be one of those nights when you close one place and still have way more to laugh, argue, and laugh some more so you look for another place to continue the fun.

  5. Kid, you know you watch it!

    Hi Possemlady, Nasty, smelly creatures, progressives, indeed! That's why I usually delete them. Everybody has their own rules for their blog and mine are quite simple. Whatever amuses me stays.

    Z, THAT would be a lot of fun. If Kid would let us get a word in edgewise :)

    Cube, HAHA! I even read it in Bania's voice.

    As for the party, we'll need to rent a large party bus and driver to accommodate us. Let's do it in California, though. Z can give us the Hollywood tour! (if Kid doesn't get us arrested)

  6. I can hardly see Nunes, in years to come, say "You love me! You really love me!"