Saturday, August 17, 2019

who burned down Rashida's anti-semitic she shed?

In the original State Farm commercial, we see Cheryl's She Shed burning to the ground. Her husband, Victor, insists that the She Shed was struck by lightning (as he stands in the yard in his bathrobe, apparently washing gasoline off his hands with the garden hose).

In the latest (fake) State Farm update, we see Rashida tlaib's anti-semitic she shed and terrorist training camp spontaneously combust as The Squad looks on.

Maybe we'll never know who incinerated Rashida's anti-semitic She Shed, just like we'll never know for sure whether Jake from State Farm is really a dude or a democrat she-male in khakis. Some things just remain mysteries.

In other unrelated news, mere minutes after Rashida's She Shed burned to the ground, Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu lands and disembarks from his F-15i fighter after enjoying a late night joy ride.


  1. Bibi swears he has no idea what happened to the ordnance and I tend to believe him.

  2. Rashida suffers from the knowledge provided her by that her entire female ancestoral lineage was and continues to be the inspiration for the Burka and requirement that it remain in use.

    Ben is the man !

  3. Back in 2016, the Democrat-ruled Assembly in California voted on a bill to declare August “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.” Well, it’s August, and they are appreciating California's sanctuary cities literally becoming feces-infested toxic dumping zones, with piles of Shit, and 1000's of needles laying around in their streets.! Is that what is called celebrating?