Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Right wing extremists unite behind.. err...hmm.

With "Maverick" John McCain's win in the Florida primary, what's a conservative to do? Fred Thompson is a distant memory, and all we have left is bits and pieces of true conservatism to pick from. Rudy didn't foot the conservative bill on social issues and with his loss in Florida, is likely to bow out of the race. Oh yah, then there was that guy from Arkansas that you never hear about anymore. What was his name? "Huck-a-who?" And don't talk to me about Ron Paul. He is a whack job.

So it is down to McCain and Romney in my opinion. Should we go with McCain because the liberal media establishment has endorsed him? Can there be any doubt what-so-ever that if McCain is the Republican nominee, the next president will be a Democrat? At least there is a chance that Mitt Romney can energize the base and turn out the vote in the general election by bringing together the "Rick" wing and the "Greg" wing of the party.

Of course, there is another possibility. Talk show host Michael Reagan suggests that Newt may well jump in at this late stage to save the day, in this article titled, "Michael Reagan on Newt: The Real Dark Horse?" I would poo poo the possibility except for the fact that it's posted on Newt's own website. Hmmmm....

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