Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mitt and the Frenchman?

OK, the gloves need to come off for Mitt. He has been ganged up on for the entire campaign season, with the other candidates seemingly having a dislike for Romney in common. If that wasn't enough, they started picking aging action heroes to be their "media champion".

Leading the way was Huckabee teaming with the personable Mr. Chuck Norris. Chuck was paraded in front of the TV cameras and microphones to act as Huckabee's surrogate mouthpiece, saying things that the candidate couldn't actually say and get away with.

Then came John McCain gaining an endorsement from the human growth hormone, Sly Stallone. Now I like Sly, and I love the Rocky and Rambo franchises. In fact, if he were ever to make another Rocky film, wouldn't John McCain make an excellent "Paulie"? Now it appears that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be jumping on McCain's wagon.

I don't know about Ron Paul's action hero. If I had to guess, I'd go with Clint Eastwood. Not Clint Eastwood the actor, but Clint Eastwood the director. The actor was a very cool Dirty Harry, etc. Clint The director has turned into quite the panty waste. Perfect for Paul.

Giuliani didn't get an action hero, but he did get TV preacher Pat Robertson's endorsement. Hmmmm. Too little, too late Rudy.

So who can step in to fit this bill for Mitt? We need someone who can kick both Rocky and the Terminator's asses at the same time, after flinging Chuck Norris out of the way like so much baby poop.

Action Stars


  1. Where's Jack Bauer when ya need him...... That's right.. In jail..

  2. Good one!