Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm not talking about the oil well cap... I am refering to Obama's "Vacation Golf, B-Ball and Rally Cap".
In defense of Obama tirelessly focusing on vacations like a laser beam:
Obama's three-day Maine vacation has provoked outrage, just like Bush's Crawford trips did. But Reihan Salam says such getaways don't just rejuvenate the president—they remind us he's human.
HUH!? He's.... "human"? You mean he is not the messiah? Do you know what you're saying Mister Reihan Salam? This is blasphemous rhetoric against The One!
One gets the impression that we've reached a similar conclusion about our presidents: as long as there is distress in the land, Barack Obama, his wife, and his two children must remain in the White House, suffering in the sweltering heat and looking dour, never betraying signs of relaxation or a simple love of life.
Hmmm. Why should we insist he remain inside his house, "suffering in the sweltering heat and looking dour, never betraying signs of relaxation or a simple love of life"??? It's not like he is one of us tens of millions of unemployed human debris he has left in his wake of destruction.

Oil well, Schmoil well. THAT kind of destruction takes some doing and effort, and a little R&R might just be the ticket. In fact, I look forward to the day when he is put out to pasture for good.


  1. I'm still a little confused as to why they used a dentist for the oil spill

  2. what a life this tyrant has! .hope your weekend is's hot hot hot here!!:)

  3. Last line, indeed!! I read somewhere that he has spent 5 WEEKS worth of OUR time playing golf since he took office. And that's only playing golf. Sheesh...

  4. The way I figure it if the pinhead in chief is on vacation that's less time he has to damage the firmaments of our country. In that case, vacay away, dude.

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  6. uhoh. You made the White House blogroll, too? it's all Obama, wonderful Obama ....just the blogroll I wanted to be on, right? (sarcasm here!)

    Hey, I hate to say it, but doesn't that Obama cap look like one of those islamic caps? odd, isn't it?

    Why didn't Bush's vacations 'remind us he's human?' And, when did Bush go off to Crawford without some visiting dignitary coming or high-level meetings there? $(@#(*$#@

  7. Okay, hiatus is over for DaBlade...COME BACK, SHANE! You're missed!!

  8. Nice post... I like your blog and will be back!!

    Common Cents

  9. Where'd you go, DaBlade? Reading too many books on your Kindle?