Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's on your Kindle?

I received a Kindle as a birthday present from my wife last August. I was just reviewing my "library" of downloads on my Amazon account, and was amazed to find I had read over 50 books in less than a year. Here is a montage of most of them...

As you can see, I went heavy on the Mystery & Thrillers, with a dab of Science Fiction, Horror and a few classics. (Absolutely no vampire romances allowed).

This, along with a few "real" books made from paper, not to mention the few hours per day on average spent in a voracious consumption of online news.

A Facebook friend commented on a similar link this way: "so do you love it? I've been looking at them but I am not sure I can give up the whole smelling the book, turning the pages, etc."

My response: It's awesome. I recognize the irony from a guy who's fortunes are tied to wood pulp. Many of theses books were free downloads, or discounted to cost under $1, mostly classics easily found on the internet or new authors looking to make a splash. Most of them were very good, and books I never would have even glanced at in a bookstore. Witha Kindle, you can carry around a veritable library in a carryon, and at move time, save a box or three.

So I ask you, what's on your Kindle?


  1. 50 books in a year?!?

    That's a lot of poopin' Blade.

  2. I'm still not sure what it IS let alone how many are on MINE! (see how techie I AM?)
    You've got to read a book on your computer screen or your small phone screen? (do I sound even MORE stupid?)
    Yes, I'm Googling Kindle FINALLY (I've heard about it long enough) to see what it REALLY is, not just what I THINK it must be ...right now, after I click off here.

    If you like mysteries, you have to read MARTHA GRIMES...sublime. I miss the characters SO MUCH now that I've read EVERY ONE OF THEM :0(

    YOU"RE BLOGGING!! HURRAH! :-) (SEE? You were just READING too much, that was the REAL problem!)xxx

  3. Nothing, I don't have one. My wife loves hers though.

  4. Shang, lol. You have no idea. Actually my fav reading room is the garage (with a stogie)

    Z- Just google and click on the amazon link. I like the Kindle because it doesn't try to be everything to everybody. It's a portable wireless e-reader. Period. I can't imagine reading on a small cellphone screen, nor having to carry around a large iPad under my arm. My Kindle is a Goldilocks "just right" thingy for me.

    I'll take a look at the Grimes recommendation, thanks. Although maybe I do need a little moderation in my reading!

    Chuck, Your wife is a wise woman :)

  5. I've been thinking about buying a Kindle. I have a client with one, and he swears by it.

  6. "I am not sure I can give up the whole smelling the book, turning the pages, etc."

    Same here. I like to see/feel that I've made progress, that I've really 'dug in' to the story, etc. I can't imagine trading in real pages for a screen. But, to each their own...

  7. I don't have one...yet. Friends and family have been working on me and I believe I will get one in the near future, just not yet.

    I do see that the only book we have in common on your list is Steig Larsoon's book which is on my To Read list.

  8. Z: I love mysteries. I've never heard of Martha Grimes. Thanks for the heads up.