Friday, July 12, 2013

How to spot a "white Hispanic"

It's been just over 19 years ago, on June 17, 1994, when O.J. Simpson captivated the American public by leading the LAPD in an hour-long low speed "police chase" around Los Angeles in his infamous white Ford Bronco.

That got me to thinking.. If there is an acquittal in the George Zimmerman murder trial, and with the lib progressive elites invested in a conviction (facts be damned!), could we have a repeat police chase, complete with celebrity 'chopper 4' news footage in the near future?

"One Adam-12, One Adam-12. We are in pursuit of a white Hispanic driving a lowrider family mini-van that appears to have been modified with hydraulic suspension. We are currently bouncing north on Florida's I-4 at approximately 5 miles per hour. The white Hispanic avoided the last road block by executing a two tire wheelie with the flip of his dash switch..."

To be continued...

Lesser known celebrity police chase involving Tiger Woods


  1. The length the MSM has gone to paint the narrative of Zimmerman. First, he was described as a "white man" initially. Then, when the truth had found its way into the public arena they now create a whole new ethnic group "white Hispanic" in order to continue their absurd narrative. Travon Martin was killed on 2/26/12 and "Wikipedia" creates the new group of "White Hispanics" on 3/28/12 in order to point to something in print. I kid you not, they created the category in order to legitimize their argument in order to fulfill the racial overtones that it was white on black crime........

  2. Hi rosey. Thanks for those thoughts. I honestly have only given this coverage cursory glances - just enuff to know what the score was. They certainly are consistent and predictable. Quite frankly, the marxist el diablObama beelzobama and his mindless progressive lib followers bore me lately. I always get sleepy before the fireworks show starts.

  3. ok thanks. Is Hispanic a real word? JK :)