Saturday, August 3, 2013

There's only one Motor City Madman

"This ain't just another gig, boys! We're back in Michigan!" - Ted Nugent (with expletives deleted)

Ted Nugent, with special guest Tesla, ROCKED DTE Energy Music Theatre (Pine Knob baby!) last night, and my ears are still ringing the next morning. What a show! As I told my wife and two boys as we exited the theatre, "I came here to see a rock legend and would have been satisfied no matter what, but I didn't expect him to still sound so good!" It didn't hurt that Derek St. Holmes was there and belting out vocals on the 70s classics Stormtrooping, Stranglehold, Hey Baby, Just What the Doctor Ordered... They even did Queen of the Forest! Also, another one of my favs - "Live it up".

My very first concert (almost 35 years ago) was to see Ted Nugent at the old IMA Auditorium in Flint. I've seen him a few times in between, but last night was the first time I took the family to a show ('most' of them. missed ya B!).  It was my youngest boy's first Rock Concert, so there was a little synchronicity in the connected shared experience that spanned over 3 decades. 

Did I mention that Tesla freakin' rocked? As they took the stage, frontman Jeff Keith told the crowd that "Everything is cool, bitchin' and out of sight in Detroit rock city tonight!" They left me wanting more, but with so many hits in their pocket it is impossible to get them all in.

I loved Tesla's Love Song, but needless to say, it offered a stark comparison to Ted's version of a love song ("Wang Dang")

"Thank you for kickin' our asses tonight Detroit!," said Keith, as he danced his way off stage.

No, no no! THANK YOU for blowing my mind with your high voltage rock and melting faces. I raise my goblet of rock (a $42 dollar 16-ounce Budweiser) and salute you sir!

As we waited for Uncle Tedly to take the stage, I made a wager with my youngster. I proposed he pay me $1 dollar every time Ted said the phrase, "NO SHIT!" (a phrase I knew from experience he was very fond of). In turn, I offered to pay him $1 dollar every time the Motor City Madman said, "Obama." "Deal," he told me.

I won $4 to 0.

While The Nooog never used 'his' name, he did make a political reference or two regarding He who shall not be named. You Know who. The following Nugent quotes were pulled from Eric Lacy's Twitter feed. Eric is the Detroit entertainment reporter for Mlive Media Group.

"The White House is full of criminal mf-ers, and it's time to put them in a "Stranglehold."
"Take no shit. Take back America, and take back Detroit!"
"I've always caused the assholes pain and suffering. Say 'Thank you, Uncle Ted!'"
"I did not invent music, but I think I will perfect it."
"I know what you're thinking, I know what you're thinking. Can this (blog edit) keep this up forever?"
"I did not invent music, but I think I will perfect it."
"I'm back in Michigan, Freddy." (awesome live Fred Bear!)
"Do you remember when Detroit never backed down to anyone?"

"There's only one Motor City Madman. God bless all those others for trying, but there's only one Great White (F'ing) Buffalo!"

Amen brother! Keep rockin' and keep stirring the pot!


  1. stirrin the pot indeed..ha no pun intended...hope alls well my friend:)

  2. Yes it is, and getting better! Hope you can say the same!