Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bird brained

Parrots able to make complex economic decisions, study shows
Parrots can make complex economic decisions, at least according to German scientists. 33 macaws and African grey parrots were taught to recognise the value of tokens which could be exchanged for food as part of the experiment at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. The birds then had to invest their tokens, either in low-value immediate rewards, or high-value but more expensive rewards. The most patient parrots could exchange their tokens for pieces of walnut, while the less determined traders were stuck with dry corn or sunflower seeds.
While only parrots took part in the original study (Nine great green macaws, eight blue-throated macaws, eight blue-headed macaws and eight African grey parrots) - Part II was conducted in the Chattering Teeth Studios scientific lab adjacent to the cocktail bar and pool spa and included one democrat socialist.

Test results are not yet complete, as the democrat socialist keeps stealing the other bird's nuts and seeds.


  1. I've been around parrots. Parrots are smarter, more reasonable, and don't like Liberals either.

  2. Oh, I triple guarantee you, Birds are orders of magnitude smarter than little Al. She is literally the stupidest person I've ever seen come into public view.

  3. Sounds like we have the wrong ones in the cages? R - E - S - P - I - C - T we much!

  4. Of course, she is a parrot.
    She parrots Marx.

  5. PS, Crows dutifully fed by a little girl soon began bringing her gifts. Shiny things, pretty little bobbles and anything like that they could get their beaks on.

    I'll take most animals, birds, fish, over most people.

  6. I have often believed that the term "bird-brained" is a term that should only be applied to humans. There are very smart birds out there that score higher in IQ scores than democrats. Trust me, I have a degree in biology ;)

  7. I just clicked your link there Kid. These are clever birds. Let's hope the little girl recipient of these bird gifts grows up to be a free market capitalist.

    Cube, smart? I would never give up those various colorful pieces of skree. MY precious!