Monday, August 27, 2018

No time to be a maverick


  1. johnny was as bad as any pick a democrat. Maybe worse.
    -crash mccain, bottom of his Naval aviator class
    -songbird mccain at the hanoi hilton
    -300 people dead or injured because of accident mccain
    -part of the keating 5
    -lying subversive POS for even suggesting he was a republican
    -retired Marine at one of his town halls read facts about why mccain was treasonous more than once. johnny just smiled and said well they keep electing me.
    -got rich off of being a war monger, shoveling mounds of cash to the military industrial complex.
    -couldn't care less if you lived or died
    -would have done much better having a horse in the senate
    -I'm quite happy the POS is gone.

  2. LL thanks for the laugh. While I hated the politician, i do hope he makes it.

    Kid, he was not good for the country. But i did vote in 08 for that crusty b-stard. Then again, he was running against the devil, so...

  3. Senor Blade. To date I have not voted FOR anyone. I have spent my entire voting career voting against democrats. I will vote FOR DJ Trump in 2020.

  4. Just in time for the Kavanaugh hearings.

  5. Kid, I know you remember how big of a critic I was with respect to DJT. I will also be voting FOR DJ Trump in 2020.

    Ed, I wonder how the urn will vote?

  6. I've been voting against democrats for a long time, as well. Can you imagine President Gore or President Kerry? Kid said it well, we voted against the devil. I gladly voted for Trump in 2016, and if he runs, I will gladly vote for him in 2020.

  7. Red Tide it is! The battle lines can't be any clearer now. Especially in Florida.

  8. Truth hurts sometimes...Juan McCaine let a lot of people down...people that sent him Sympathy, money and support, based on promises he never intended to keep...
    I don't want anyone to ever forget that latter point...

  9. Good point Hunter. He called himself a conservative when it was convenient to do so for votes, but was a lying dirtbag as a politician.