Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Don't think to much about why Bill Nye the Science Guy would actually light Colin Kaepernick's afro on fire. Just bask in the transient heat provided by this satisfying brush fire. I was going to add Creepy Joe Biden hugging and snuggling Bill Nye from behind, but I thought that would make too much sense.


  1. An afro? Thank goodness you clarified that for me. I was starting to become angry about Bill Nye burning Kaepernick's pet porcupine.

  2. All I can say is I sure wish DJ Trump hadn't sexually assaulted AOC in one of the border detention facilities. She can't remember which one or when exactly, but she is sure it was him. Oh and a bunch of Border Patrol Agents participated.

  3. Jess, it's actually his pet comfort therapy weasel. That's why it blends in so well.

    Kid, The Bartender must be believed. Not AOC. She is a liar and publicity hound. I meant that MY bartender is to be believed when he says that I look like I could use a cold one.