Friday, July 5, 2019

Salute to America

Sad and pathetic America-haters apparently did show up to the White House to protest President Trump's patriotic July 4th celebration - burning flags and playing with a large Trump balloon. I am not sure if Mike Dukakis and his toy tank was among them. I'm pretty sure Ron Silver wasn't, unless he was reanimated by the Red Witch.

Trump gave tribute to the reason for the 4th of July holiday — the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. "With a single sheet of parchment and 56 signatures, America began the greatest political journey in human history," Trump said. "wait, make that 57 signatures!"


  1. And the commie protesters burnt 2 flags, throwing one on a Secret Service agent.
    Attempted murder in my book.

  2. Well this was and expensive show of Patriotism. Imagine if President DJ Trump would have spent the money as wisely as one Barry Soetoro did with 18 TRILLION DOLLARS...

    We can only imagine.