Thursday, January 30, 2020

Punxsutawney Phil expected to see gloomy Democrat Candidate's shadows and call for 4 more years of Trump!

Groundhog Day will be 'celebrated' again this upcoming February 2nd when an overweight rodent rises from his burrow for a small portion of the human population who are actually ignorant enough to be interested in this annual pseudoscientific weather forecast. Will the rodent cast a shadow and signaling 6 more weeks of winter?

Not so ironically, the very next day on Monday, February 3rd marks the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses when the democRat candidates rise from whatever hole they climbed out of for a small portion of the human population who are actually ignorant enough to be interested in this collection of human debris. Will one of these democRats win the White House and signaling 4 to 8 years of devastation to the economy, culture, national security, the Constitution, and casting a shadow of doubt for the continuation of our liberty and freedoms? 

Speaking of Groundhog Day, the big news out of PETA is the 'animal rights group' calling for Punxsutawney Phil to be replaced with a robot groundhog because it is a stressful job and an animatronic rodent could do the job just as well.

I think we could say the same thing for Bernie or any of the other commies in the democrat field. Hell, I'd vote for a toaster first.

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg rose from her burrow to claim that climate change will mean that in 12 short years the Earth will only be able to support robot rodents on inflatable floating icebergs.


  1. Wondered if you were going to mention the PETA thing. They'd get a lot more sympathy if they weren't so bat guano crazy.

    Looks like it's Bernie at the turn with Biden 2nd currently but slated to finish last.

    If Bernie - or any D☭fecrat wins then the country was already gone and we failed to notice.

    As far as Phil, it Is a novel idea to get tourist cash into your little town once a year, and I have to say Groundhog day is one of my favorite movies.

    1. PS, Greta should marry David Hogg and they should move to China to lecture the biggest polluter on the planet. I'm sure they'd be welcomed.

    2. I do love that movie. as for that race, there is no way 'they' let Bernie win the nomination. They'll kneecap him like the last time and the question becomes, what will his snowflake antifa blue haired basement dwelling trans supporters do this time?

    3. It's looking that way as Bernie is purportedly at the top of the burning dumpster full of dog crap.

  2. P.S. lol on the Greta and Hogg pairing. But now look, you went and outraged Ed.