Saturday, July 4, 2020

Trump Monument Protection Plan Includes Living Statues this July 4th Weekend

Chattering Teeth News - On President Donald Trump's order, Homeland Security officials have deployed across the country ahead of July Fourth to protect federal monuments.

Trump stated that the leftist mob will not be allowed to tear down our history.

These 'woke' losers and cowards comprising antifa and their white, liberal indoctrinated marxist democrat protesters with their virtue-signaling Black Lives Matter signs supporting this garbage group of human debris may get the surprise of their young and aimless lives. For the next statue they try to pull down or otherwise desecrate may actually be one of the 1,776 law enforcement officials deployed this holiday weekend and dressed as Living Statues.

These "Statues" are all ex-Special Forces and are ready to administer a choke hold to the belligerent protesters, or emergency benadryl to any who surrender and our frightened and triggered by the sound of fireworks symbolizing our American freedom.