Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What now for SCOT the 7-foot tall gender-fluid, non-binary kiosk airport robot?

 Frankly, I think the thought engineers missed their mark with this oversize airport paperweight. Not that the not-so-hidden security spy camera isn't effective in alerting the closest TSA government soldier of a possible free-roaming free thinker who didn't have their useless paper mask pulled up over their nose. And the display screen appears to be broadcasting CNN in HD.

I just think the Lost in Space robot would have been more intimidating, with his flailing accordian arms and "WARNING, WARNING!" admonishments like he is in a robot sissy fight. They could have still used the lispy queer voice for a chilling prison yard feel.

In case you missed it, here is KAREN... I mean SCOT during happier times... 
Welcome to Dallath!

Earlier this week, a Judge voided the US mask mandate for travelers. Now what's an effiminate 7-foot tall gender-fluid, non-binary kiosk airport robot to do?

SCOT: Excuthe me, mithter, pleath put on your faith mathk.

BLADE: Maybe you missed it but a Trump appointed Judge lifted Biden's unconstitutional mask mandate for airports.

SCOT: Well that's dithappointing!

BLADE: That's what Biden said.

SCOT: What am I thuppothed to do now? What if there ith an atthathan traveling from Mithithippi with hith thupport thquirrel which ith infected with Covid!

BLADE: Well, you can't tell the assassin or his support squirrel to wear a mask.

SCOT: Inconthieeevable!

BLADE: Somehow I don't think that word means what you think it means.

SCOT:: I don't gif a thit. 

BLADE: Cheer up buddy. You still have that spy camera. Just watch for the red Trump hats. And you still have your display screen. Just broadcast those mindless vaccine propaganda commercials on an endless loop. That's still legal somehow...



  1. Just tell that silly robot that you are an undocumented alien from South of the border, or maybe Somolia, and you identify as whatyever you need to identify as in order to be exempt from all US laws and are guaranteed free stuff for life.

    1. I relate most things to an old Star Trek episode. SCOT reminds me of the artificial lifeform Nomad programmed to sterilize all imperfect lifeforms. Kirk tricked Nomad into deeming itself imperfect and exploded itself, thus carrying out its own programming. Or it could just be re-programmed with numerous USB ports so I could charge my Kindle.

  2. Well, the technology is astounding, but a can of Krylon leads to an out of order sign. Maybe they should build it from lumber, and keep the cost of upkeep as easy as a trip to Home Depot.

    1. HA! except the cost of lumber was up 17% in 2021 and who knows what the inflation rate is YTD. I say just pass out aluminum bats and charge $5 bucks for 3 swings at it.

  3. Is there a “War” against American culture perpetuated by politicians and the Left’s hatred of the American way of Life, and America’s multiculturalism.
    The attacks that have taken place during the past few years on American institutions, our History, the things that our Children have cherished for decades, our Constitution, our Statues and Monuments, our Historical Accomplishments, our Police, the American Way, American Virtues and our Flag, and Anthem, and even on some of the Food that we have loved through the years . Such as Aunt Jemima, and Goya foods, even White People.. All in an attempt to make America the worlds Greatest Power…to make Illegals and Minorites Feel Warmer and Fuzzier inside while pissing off those dead soldiers who gave their LIVES for the Freedom of this Country!. Even the removal of statues of those who were against the dreaded Slavery, and who gave their lives to help end it.
    Protesters even tore down a statue of George Washington, and Christopher Columbus. Destroy existing institutions and Towns, and Cities were they themselves live. These are the same ones we've spent $22 Trillion on for their welfare..
    These filthy pieces of worthless Excrement aka human beings who are are even serving in Washington as our Politicians, who are bringing in those Millions of illegals who are invading us by storming into our country in the middle of the night brought in by our own Politicians..

  4. I didn't know Psaki had a conservative twin.....

  5. What is with all of these random spam off-topic comments? and what is the point? do these people really think their thoughts are that profound? I never get past the first sentence with these. I will leave the red headed sister so this comment makes sense for posterity. (probably really a bald dude in his mom's basement).

    1. Surely you know that libtards go to not only your blog but mine also in order to educate themselves on the Conservative lifestyle they so yearn for.

      Turely, who thinks anyone reads these comments and if they did, what effect it would have on anything.