Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes W, we miss you

'Anonymous' Business Owners Behind Bush "MISS ME YET?" Billboard
Glad that mystery is settled. I still can't see how this could possible be construed as a "dig at Bush's unpopularity" rather than the obvious message that Obama sold you a bill of goods.

Hopey changey fire sale.

A nature conservation group has purchased the land and has covered the famous HOLLYWOOD sign for a makeover:

The LAPD sent out a community alert to Hollywood residents -- possibly because it might alarm people to find one of LA's most recognized 450-foot-long landmark wrapped in a giant blanket.

Reporters here at Chattering Teeth News have learned what these secret plans are...

I see a pattern developing here...


  1. What's up with the Haiti relief fund TV ad Bush did with Clinton? Clinton's name goes first, he's sitting about 6 inches higher than Bush in his chair and closer to the camera. Then Bush refers to him as President. It makes Bush look like Clinton's "R-word" little brother.

  2. we would miss ANYone compared to this terrorist sympathizer in the WH!!!

  3. Wonder if we will miss Obama like this after he leaves office? Sigh.

  4. you know, DB, I laugh frequently at your amazing wit, but this (being that I LIVE in LA) REALLY did it as I'd seen that ridiculous story about the Hollywood sign just last night on the news!

    You are THE BEST...but imagine if that Bush poster was in LA?! It would last 3 seconds!

  5. Okay,'s been a week. WE MISS YOUUUUU!!! xx

  6. Where are you! We need humor!!