Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Prototypes should diffuse MSU logo-gate

MSU students and fans alike seem to be coming to a general consensus on the new Spartan logo, and that consensus is negative.

For those of you not schooled on this controversy of logo-gate, here is a side-by-side view of the old and the proposed new logo for the Spartans, courtesy of The Detroit News:

Current and future logo

Pretty radical changes, eh?

The newspaper website also offers readers the opportunity to design and upload their own Michigan State Spartans logo here, but I wanted to test mine out here first.

As an alum and fan of their big brother rival The University Of Michigan, I felt a sympathetic duty to work dilligently and tirelessly on creating a new logo my little brothers and sisters in East Lansing could relate to and rally around. I believe the said logo needs to successfully communicate their brand.

I have two prototypes currently.

The first is a "back to the roots" celebration of MSU as the first agricultural college founded in 1855.

And of course, what fan of the UM/MSU "rivalry" is not aware of the Cherry Street Couch sacrifices after another loss (and even the occasional upset win)?

No need to thank me Sparty nation. I'm just happy to help.


  1. Blade- You are the reason why-when ever I'm at the computer and laugh out loud Mrs. PIC-PIC will say, from another room,"What did Blade say now"? Even when you pick on Sparty it's still funny. Go Green-Go White!!!!

  2. I'm with always make me laugh.
    Love your new logos...but why the discussion re: the existing one and the almost indiscernable second idea???

  3. Hey- Where were you the last week- We were all worried! You should at least leave a note when you're gone for such a long time. It's only common courtesy.

  4. Pic Pic- Now you've made ME laugh with that play-by-play, so we're even! Glad you liked, even though I picked on your Spartans. Sorry to you too brother Glacial (if you're reading)... as Pic Pic has wanted to point out time and time again, I went to UofM the FLINT branch, and never did see Bo Schembechler in the hallways :)

    As to where I've been, I have to say pretty much right here on what used to be my "blog machine" but has morphed into my "resume upload machine"... It's a full time job looking for work these days I'm telling ya! Got some lines in the water and will certainly brag when I get a bite... Until then, I promise to try and make you laugh from time to time.

    Z- I can't see the controversy myself, they are so similar. Now if the new logo was that of Russell Crowe in full Gladiator garb smashing a beer can on his forehead, that might raise some concerns. :)

  5. I don't get what the problem was with the original logo, which clearly symbolizes strength and honor and pride. The new one just looks silly next to it.

  6. I think its very successful, after reading about the opera house and their personality as a company, this shows a charming and witty response.

  7. aw heck why couldnt they leave well enough alone~!