Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Englers Back in Michigan
Former Michigan Gov. John Engler and his wife, Michelle, have bought a lakefront home in Shiawassee County, fueling speculation about a return to politics.
Engler, a Republican, has declined to address questions about whether the move might signal an interest in a 2012 campaign, when U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat, faces re-election.
No offense to my neighbors in Shiawassee County, but if I was a former governor of this once great state and I was going to spend half a million dollars on a quiet retirement home in Michigan - with NO INTEREST IN RETURNING TO POLITICS - I can think of half a million better places than one which happens to be 20 miles northeast of Lansing.

So would Engler's return to politics be a good thing or a bad thing for Michigan?

To answer that, all you need do is scan some of the comments in the above linked article. Keep yesterday's lesson, (liberalism is a brain disorder) in mind if you do. Here is my favorite so far... "Good luck John..We have long memories..Don't even think of running for office here..Your support of Bush and the economic policies that devastated Michigan will never be forgiven..Try Texas, you should be able to beat that jerk they currently have there.."

That is actually quite mild in comparison to most of the hate-filled, intolerant and ignorant comments from the majority of libtards in this state. Do you want more evidence that Engler was a great governor other than the fact that he is despised by the left?

Let's take a look at just how Engler's policies "devasted Michigan", shall we?

Michigan Governor John Engler 1991-1997 Accomplishments

Let's just look at the top 3 here...

BEFORE ENGLER: In 1990, unemployment was 7.6 percent. I know this sounds low in Obama's world, but back then it was -- the worst among the nation's 10 largest states.
AFTER ENGLER: Unemployment is (1997) a record low 4.0 percent -- the strongest job market in America.

BEFORE ENGLER: Michigan was losing jobs and families to other states. Sound familiar?
AFTER ENGLER: Michigan companies have created more than 500,000 jobs since 1991.

BEFORE ENGLER: Property taxes were third highest in the nation.
AFTER ENGLER:Biggest tax cut in history reduced school property taxes by more than 80 percent.

So in a perfect world, Engler replaces Stabenow in the senate, and Ted Nugent replaces Granholm in the governor's mansion on Mackinaw Island. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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  1. But you're not reading what you're quoting sir. The header actually reads "Michigan UNDER Engler." NOT after. How annoying.

    if only those achievements had shelf life.