Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama is not Hitler (especially when talking about their art)

Clarence Page takes issue with those mean-spirited Tea Party protesters in his latest column, A protest in need of a sane image. He cites the maniacally socialist web site of the Huffing-glue Post as his "source" for the "10 most offensive tea party signs". In case you missed it (and really, why WOULD you have read the Huffing-glue Post or Clarence Page?) here is the top five signs carried by, who Clarence calls "nut cases":
Madison, Wis.: "Obama's Plan: White Slavery."

Downtown Chicago: "The American Taxpayers Are the Jews for Obama's Ovens."

Sacramento: "Our Tax [Dollar] $ Given to Hamas to Kill Christians, Jews and Americans, Thanks Mr. O."

Tampa: No words, just a color cartoon of President Barack Obama grabbing Uncle Sam from behind and slitting the old man's throat.

Chicago again: "Barack Hussein Obama, The New Face of Hitler"—on a large picture of Adolf Hitler with Obama's face bearing a Hitler-style mustache superimposed over the face of a picture of the original Hitler.
I admit that when I read these, I did not react with a Perez Hilton type hissy fit of astonishment. I was not offended. In fact, I really like Tampa's! That said, there were better signs - many of which I saw on Fox with their excellent Tea Party coverage - or I saw them on all of YOUR blogs I read to help keep my sanity (I know, it doesn't appear to be working :) While I have never been to a leftist hippie democrat marxist protest, I'm sure they never would have such OFFENSIVE signs as these rightwing extremists. *choke*

Clarence seems to take the most offense by the comparison between his beloved messiah-in-chief, Obama, to that of the original genocider-in-chief, Adolph Hitler.

PAGE: "By the way, I have a modest proposal: Can we declare a moratorium on the use of Hitler as a metaphor for anyone but Hitler? Hitler's in a class by himself. Let's not cheapen his horrors by overusing his memory."

He has a bit of a point. Regardless of what Mahmood Akmadeenadude thinks, Hitler is directly responsible for the holocaust and extermination of 6 million Jews. According to wiki, "If you hold Hitler responsible for every death in the European Theater of World War II, that makes him responsible for well over half of those who died in the war (at least 20-30 million deaths)."

Hitler is not in the so-called "pro-choice" democrats league here. 20-30 million is a lot of death, but Roe V. Wade can beat that with 50 million abortions. With his enthusiastic support and promotion of abortion, I don't believe it a stretch to hold Obama personally accountable for ALL 50 million. After all, Obama is in a position to promote life and make a real difference in the elimination of the scourge of abortion but instead, he promotes it. I agree that Obama is not Hitler, but I believe both will have a tough job explaining himself on judgement day.


In other Hitler news, did you hear that 13 paintings done by the famous butcher and part-time artist, Adolph Hitler, recently sold for EUR 100,000?

"They are hardly Picasso," quipped the auctioner. Maybe not, but I believe Adolph's works rank up there with another famous butcher and part-time artist, Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian.

So in conclusion:
Obama is NOT Hitler.
Obama is NOT Dr. Death

You be the judge...
Hitler's "Killing Time Before Killing Jews"
(ok, I made that title up)

Kevorkian's "Nearer My God to Thee"
(his actual title!)

Obama's "WTF are you doing bro?!"


  1. "Our Tax [Dollar] $ Given to Hamas to Kill Christians, Jews and Americans, Thanks Mr. O."Did he say what the problem was with this one? It's dead on. Fact is the sign should read "our 900 million tax $ given to..."

    I generally don't like the use of Hitler as an example. With that said, he's just about exactly 8 years late on this plea.

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  2. PAGE: "By the way, I have a modest proposal: Can we declare a moratorium on the use of Hitler as a metaphor for anyone but Hitler?

    Page, you'd have a lot more credibility if you had asked for this moratorium 4-8 years ago.

  3. Jimmie Carter with a hammer. Obama with a paint roller. Housing collapse. Coincidence?

  4. Now that Page is belatedly, i.e., now that a democrat is president, asking for the moratorium on using the Hitler metaphor, maybe they'll want to grandfather Satan into it too.

    The CNN reporter who objected to Obama as Hitler is on the record as having thought Bush as Hitler with devil horns to be free speech.

    I say boo-frikkin' hoo. Deal with the free speech you bunch of whiny crybabies.

  5. It is my belief that probably 70% of Obama voters made a distinct choice, they chose to look past their faith and upbringing and moral values to vote for him. Thats the only way it could possibly be. If the polls are correct that show the numbers of people who count themselves Christians then that is the only way they possibly could have voted for a democrat, ever.

    There's Obama PAINTING! OH, MAN, DaBlade, what a fantastic post! YOu really have me laughing..

    By the way, I LOVE your title for Hitler's painting (which is really extremely good compared to his others, I was kind of surprised, that's a dandy one in comparison..)

    You're the BOMB! SUPER post.
    ol Clarence Page has no agenda, RIGHT?

  7. Rats, everybody else said everything I wanted to. Great post!

  8. DaBlade, if your golf swing was as sharp as your wit you would be on the tour!

    I agree with Page though, we should not compare Obama to Hitler as Herr Adolf was much smarter.

  9. It's not just Christians. Why would any member of the U.S. military, border patrol, police department or any other branch of law enforcement vote for BO? The Libs/Marxists hate these people and happily have them imprisoned every chance they can.

  10. Chuck & rk- Excellent point on the 8 years too late. They are still fighting for Nuremberg trials, round two.
    dmarks- Agreed.
    cube- "free speech" as defined by the left.
    imho- Put aside those pesky core beliefs and join the cult of personality or prepare to be treated like an untrained Somalian teenager in an outboard.
    Z- Thank you, glad you laughed! I would rather look at Clarence Page's finger paintings then his collection of "agenda-less" words.
    KrisE- nobody else said "rats". Own it!
    shang- I try to slice both!
    Pic Pic- Maybe they won't next time.

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