Saturday, June 9, 2012

Standing up for Religious Freedom and in Opposition to Obama's Unjust HHS Mandate

PICTURED: A civilian spy drone camouflaged as a dragonfly captures the rare image of wanted and reclusive Conservative blogger known only as "DaBlade" from Chattering Teeth. The tall and handsome DaBlade is pictured here centered between the traffic lights holding a subversive sign uncomplimentary to President Obama, peace be unto him. When the traffic light changed from yellow to red, and DaBlade was still several feet from the sidewalk, agents quickly moved in and subsequently roughed him and cuffed him and arrested him for jaywalking.  

OK, not really. That is me, but I wasn't arrested... and if Janet Napolitano questions me later, I will swear I made it to the curb before the light changed.

I celebrated Mass at St. Matt's yesterday morning with my lovely bride and several hundred of my brothers and sisters in Christ, then rallied for Religious Freedom and the protest for the defeat of Obama's unjust and unconstitutional HHS mandate. The crowd at the Flint rally was estimated to be over 400, joining the tens of thousands rallying across the country.

MLive photos and story.


  1. Why, you ARE tall and handsome, DaBlade :-)
    And GOOD ON YOU for doing this....!
    Very cool post. I hope protests like this work.

  2. Haha! Must be the camera angle. I don't know if protests like this "help", if help is defined by the US Supreme Ct rightly deciding mandate is unconstitutional. But maybe we changed one heart or were a catalyst to someone to educate themselves in truth. I've never been one to protest before, as I never smoked weed or snorted cocaine like Obama, nor had a reason. However, this was the second one for me this year. Mother's Day found me joining others in prayer outside a Planned Parenthood that makes a bundle of cash killing African-American babies. I seem to have more time for these activities now, thanks to Obama's economy.

  3. Oh, DB...I'm sorry the economy's got you with that much time because all of us want to be busier$$, but it's great you're supporting groups like this.
    A very good actress of mine who became a conservative (and Christian) in the last 10 years or so and i spoke today; she had NO idea about Margaret Sanger's intention of aiming at killing black children. You reminded me about sending Alley my blog post of a few weeks ago on that.