Thursday, July 12, 2012


The following clip is my favorite part of Mitt Romney's speech to NAACP yesterday.

As you saw, the African-American crowd was initially apprehensive, and you could almost hear Crickets when he took the stage. As they had time to Think it Over and listen to his Words of Love, they must have thought he was a "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" because they gave him a standing ovation by the end of Romney's Rave. That doesn't mean the majority of this crowd will go out and buy his latest record in November, but Maybe Baby, he will get a few.


  1. Hilarious! Good post, DB.

    I watched the speech LIVE and thought he got an awful lot of applause and he did certainly get a standing ovation! Lots of people would have booed just for his having used the term ObamaCare, they don't like that.
    Obviously, very few of those folks were persuaded to vote Republican, but he got points for showing up; that took nerve.

    WIll he get a little more black vote than McCain did?
    "Maybe baby!" :-)

  2. Well, it was a good excuse to listen to some Buddy Holly music again. BTW, that is in my top 5 all time fav movies. As for the 95 to 98% black support for the democrat candidate (even the white cracker former KKK members) Joe Biden was right about one thing, I don't get who they are. Based on the results, it must be Stokholm syndrome.