Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Solidarity Twins

And now for the first installment of The Solidarity Twins, the funniest fetuses the other side of the placenta! Brother and sister, "Festus" and "Freeto" dream of being born, growing up and joining a union. Today they discuss The Right to Work law.

Did you know that Roe V Wade, the blasphemy that legalized abortion will turn 40 years old during Obama's second inauguration week? Did you know that this legal infanticide has resulted in 56 million murdered babies?

You want to talk about union busting? What about the union between mother and child? Our union with God our creator. Not a believer? How about your union with humanity? Do you have even an ounce of that? Is there any more disgusting, immoral and evil law than the right to kill our own?

Sad what gets the oldtimer's silver ponytails in knots. These denim jacket-wearing, pocket chains and UAW patched hippies throw punches at folks who believe in workers having a right to reject their twisted ideologies, but they don't raise a finger or even a whisper in defense of the 56 million of our murdered brothers and sisters since abortion was legalized in this country.

Really sad what gets some of our young 20 and 30-somethings energized and fired up enough to protest and carry signs. These peachfuzz-faced protégé of the silver ponytails, these products of the state-controlled institutions of socialist indoctrination. They'll get out of their sleeping bags and leave their occupy tents to protest against worker's freedom, but have they ever carried signs in defense of LIFE and religious freedoms? Have they stood in solidarity with REAL Americans against Obama's unjust, unconstitutional and immoral HHS mandate? 

Priorities - You're soaking in them, and the blood of a million-and-a-half aborted innocent children murdered EVERY year in America if you VOTED for Obama. Just like Hitler indeed. Think about THAT on your next long dope smoking lunch break.


  1. What a powerful post, DaBlade...thanks for this.
    I wish you were published in big city papers; you're so right.

    The good thing is that more and more young people are turning against abortion, according to stats. I hope they're true stats.

  2. Thanks Z, but I'm ALL DONE with big city papers. I hope those stats are true also, but you'd agree that even one is too many. A nation rightfully mourns for the souls of twenty massacred children in CT, but what about the other four thousand killed that day and every day since...