Saturday, September 21, 2013

Atheists mock, Rome Twerks, Caesar Golfs

...Then the dinosaurs evolved into young, swarmy, Starbuck's Grande-sipping, self-possessed, sexual neopagan, utopian statist, pseudo-intellectuals who were college-indoctrinated and therefore have no wisdom or moral anchor. And they have won (look around). They worship Caesar and their prize is this world - this nation.

The irony is that the economic deterioration we are suffering with that has the U.S. on a trajectory of bankruptcy and the verge of total collapse is exactly correlated to their rise.


  1. Look, another religious person that has no idea what they're talking about, LOL!

  2. Dear sir or ma'am. Or do you prefer "Ma'am-Sir"? In any case, your intellectual superiority was made evident in your anonymous drive-by post here. I find your argument very persuasive and compelling. Please enlighten us with more of your progressive humanist secular truths.