Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The new Fox News Lineup sends me all Rain Man

No more Gretchen Carlson on the Fox and Friends curvy couch. In fact, no more curvy couch for that matter. It has been 3 days since Elizabeth Hasselbeck has taken Gretchen's place, and I have yet to watch. Not that I have anything against LizBeck, other than she is not Gretchen.

OK, maybe I never understood why Hasselbeck never shivved Joy Behar with a homemade prison knife on The View. Or put Whoopie in a go-to-sleep half-nelson. Not that I was a regular View viewer, but I'm sure I would have heard about this had it happened.

No doubt I will tune in at some point, its just that I am drug resistant to change. A "10 minutes to Wapner" kinda guy. Yeaaaaah.

Here goes with the new Fox News lineup (from memory, so I may be speculating a little)
So Gretchen is getting her own afternoon show - Shepard Smith loses his 7PM slot to Greta Van Sustren, Bill O’Reilly keeps the Factor at the 8 o'clock slot, Sean Hannity vacates 9PM to Megyn Kelly and moves to 10PM... and I think Shep replaces Hasselbeck on The View to form a full couch flush of liberal women... and the Fox and Friends crew are doing their show sitting on old milk crates.

Roger Ailes is the kinda guy who would move Helen Keller's furniture. Or move Charlie Babbitt's Wapner to 6.

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