Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey! You got N-Words in my Crackers!

Barack Obama uses N-word in garage podcast interview to prove he is not cured of racism (or lack of presidential judgement)

BIDEN RESPONDS: Blue-eyed devil crackers upset at my boy, O, for using the "N" word and keepin' it real? Sheeeee-yut!
A passerby offers the Vice President help. Excuse me sir, but are you mentally ill? May I secure medical assistance for you?
Did u miss this interview?


Sparky said...

Good one DaBlade. :) Apparently it's OK for the negro's (even if it's only a Mulatto) to curse in public but if we do it OH MY GOODNESS! Stop the presses. I am so sick of this administration.

cube said...

They haven't even buried the victims of this unspeakable tragedy and they're already not letting this tragedy go to waste. You know it's only going to get worse. We're ALL going to want tans sooner rather than later... trans-racial, you know.

DaBlade said...

Sparky, I definitely feel the love pouring forth from this administration.

cube, Those pieces of cloth responsible for all of this evil has been dealt with. Next up, Old Glory.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Chucklehead" Biden.