Thursday, October 25, 2018

he's back?


  1. Since they couldn't get clock boy into MIT, they decided to use his talents for propaganda. It was that, or having him clean the toilets at the DNC headquarters.

  2. Nope. I think his would have worked.
    He was learning from the pros.

  3. I once heard hilrod clinton had screamed at billy that 'she needs sex more than twice a year'. I'm amazed she got that much or any at all in fact. Imagine what the beast's gynocologist's life is like....

    I don't think we'll see anymore clock boys while our guy DJ Trump is in charge.

    I can't wait until the obama's are so insignificant that they move to Kenya to get some attention.

  4. Jess, lol on Clock boy cleaning toilets... I wonder what clock boy is up to now, but not much because I can't invest the time for a google search of him.

    Ed good point...Maybe obama had his buddy bill ayers adopt him to home school him further.

    Kid, ewww. made me squirm! I had to look at a picture of a fully clothed chubby wh intern wearing a beret in order to cleanse my mind palate... speaking of the insignificance of obama... did you see that 'crowd' he drew recently in Vegas?

  5. To what Jess said, I would think being a janitor at DNC HQ would be a lucrative position. Isn't the bathroom where they keep all the servers with classified info?

    Kid: re: Hill's OB/GYN... the jaws of death :-(

    DaBlade: I think the contraption that clock bBoy put together was better built than these recent ones. I'm sure MIT has room for an under-qualified minority dreamer with terrorism on his mind.