Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BREAKING: Lip-syncing Nigerian Brothers in Jussie Smollett Scam Exposed as Milli Vanilli!


  1. Hahhahaa You are on a roll. I hope it's soft, warm, and with plenty of Irish butter.

  2. Ed, I may have been bamboozled by one of my crack-smoking street narc informers as I have since learned that one of the Milli Vanilli dudes died a good while back. Unlike the Fake News big media outlets, I will admit to my errors. I now know that the two shadowy figures posing as Nigerian princes were actually Eddie Murphy and the artist formerly known as Arsenio Hall. I don't need that Covington kid suing me for $250 million.

    Kid, 2 in a row? And washed down with some Woodford Reserves in a dirty glass and I'll check if I can see my shadow or if there will be 6 more weeks before my next post...

  3. cube, my wife asked me yesterday why Milli Vanilli video appeared in the Youtube search on our big screen tv... looks like I will have further explaining to do :)