Friday, March 29, 2019

Take a chance and win some crap!

From Tucker Carlson (no relation):

Schiff is back on the House Intelligence Committee. He chairs it... He's an unbalanced hack with a weakness for conspiracy theories... (He's) like a mental patient screaming at cars in an intersection... The Intel Committee handles the most sensitive information our government produces. It's not a place for crazy people. Probably not a good idea to have one at the helm. And so, on Thursday every Republican member on the Intel Committee signed a letter asking Schiff to resign his post. He's not mentally competent for the job. "

Which got me to thinking, what job is Schiff perfect for in his life after House Intelligence Committee chair? Where could he employ his skills of twirling people in circles until they want to hurl?

Where would people line up and pay him to lie, cheat and steal?
Where would he be most at home?
What job WOULD Schiff be 'mentally competent" for? The answer just isn't coming to me...


  1. I think you've revealed a quandary without a solution. As much as I tried, I couldn't think of any task he could do that requires even the smallest amount of competence.

    I thought of the official mopper in a porn shop, but since those are dwindling, due to the internet, even the most incompetent mopper has a better chance of finding a job in this tight job market.

    I also thought of "crash test dummy", but with modern technology, there's much less of a mess in the process, and more accurate results. I seriously doubt anyone would want clean up that much crap after a collision.

    I'm guessing we should just duct tape him to a rocket, and see how far it goes before the duct tape fails.

  2. Jobs for old Adam. Hmmmm:

    - Work the french fry bin at a McDonalds
    - Provide waxings for Rosie Odonnell
    - An attraction at the circus called The Human Bug
    - Cleaning toilets at the Knob Hill Casino in lower Las Vegas
    - Providing Security for Kim Jong Un
    - Chef for Michael Moore
    - Pedicure tech for Maxine Waters
    - Crayon sorter for Crayola Inc
    Honestly, there is so much he could do, he is really missing his calling by restricting himself to annoying people in DC.

  3. Jess and Kid, your lists! some of them made me vomit in my mouth a little as I read them... Perfect!

  4. "I'm guessing we should just duct tape him to a rocket, and see how far it goes before the duct tape fails."
    "- Providing Security for Kim Jong Un"
    Works for me.
    I think telemarketer. That calls for high annoyance capacity with dogged determination.

  5. As the fake news continues to pour from the whiney Left’s mouth like diarrhea, it's time for rational people to sit back and look at the facts. This latest story is growing legs, much like the "Hands up, don't shoot" lies or the one about how a video caused the Benghazi attacks, or a better example might be like Hillary Clinton’s false claim that she arrived in Bosnia “under sniper fire.” The liberal media knows that if they repeat something often enough, people will believe it. The latest “FAKE NEWS” that Madam Hillary was so adamantly complaining about the other night, and that hey are using the same tactic to blame Russia for hurting Hillary during the election. It's meant to undermine Trump and take the blame away from the actions of Hillary and others in the Democratic party. From her many scandals to the poor choices made by the DNC and Hillary's campaign, there are a lot of things they want to divert attention away from and this is nothing but a plan to paint Trump as some darling of the Russians.
    So, I think that I would have to give Four Pinocchios to the Pig in the Pant Suit at least for her efforts.

    While lack of security of Hillary's State Dept. emails made it easy for foreign countries to find out what she was up to, in the case of the DNC emails that exposed the plan favoring Hillary over Bernie, it was an inside job. Not Russians. Not other hackers. It was a DNC insider who leaked information regarding the corruption.

    And the left continue to claim that Russia was behind this and that they somehow hacked into paper ballots and machines that were not online. Incredible that anyone would buy that, yet there are people willing to believe anything.
    Whatever happened to Hillary’s request of Donald Trump to accept the outcome of the election? Remember when they wanted him as their opponent because he was going to be easy to beat? Ah those were the days. Hypocrite is they name Madam Hillary!

    “As Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two,” he wrote. “And it should be said again and again, that if Hillary Clinton had not connived with the DNC to fix the primary schedule to disadvantage Bernie, if she had not received advance notice of live debate questions to use against Bernie, if she had not accepted massive donations to the Clinton foundation and family members in return for foreign policy influence, if she had not failed to distance herself from some very weird and troubling people, then none of this would have happened.”

    It’s the reality that so many in the mainstream media ignore. It wasn’t about who leaked the emails. It was about what they said. .

    Assange himself vehemently denied Russia had any involvement in the hacks during an interview right before Election Day."
    So, did Russian hackers (or hackers of any nationality for that matter) try to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. I would be shocked if they didn’t try. I’d be equally shocked if our election officials were so inept that they wouldn’t have known about it and would allow such a hack to go unreported. While there is some truth in their trying, but I don’t at all think that it had actually happened.. There is zero chance that a breach would be kept under wraps otherwise

    And as they say, “This story just gets better and better” Just ask the Koolaide drinking Hillary Supporters! Did it influence the outcome of the election. Don’t be ridicules.. The whole world is laughing at our democrats..... If at first they succeed, they Try, Try, and Try again.