Friday, March 1, 2019

"It may be rice wine to you, but it's still sake to me!"

I know most of you are old enough to remember the TV show Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, that sketch comedy television program that ran from the late 60's thru the early 70's. After all, your TV could only get 3 channels (and the reception on two of those were sketchy). But for those few who have no clue - the show was known for its 'edgy' comedy skits against a back drop Sock it to Me psychedelic joke wall - and I don't mean Trump twittering at the border (though I would watch that show all night).

Hey, it was hilarious back in the day! I will admit, however, that the show needs an update. I have an idea for this spin-off. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.... [self administer a drum roll using your index and middle finger on the top of your skull here]

Cohen and Marten's Laugh-In

See what I did there? "Cohen rhymes with "Rowan", and "Marten" with an 'e' is a weasel. (yes, I'm aware this may be redundantly repetitive, but two weasels for the price of one!) Instead of comedy duo Dan Rowan and Dick Martin as hosts, I envision Michael Cohen as 'the serial lying dumb guy' with his side-kick wise-cracking comfort therapy marten. Hilarity is bound to ensue. Of course we'll have to wait at least 3 years before Michael is available to begin taping, assuming he isn't shiv'd by his bunk mate Bill Cosby in the interim. 

Now that I think of it, this show featuring dumb lying weasels is not a new concept and is actually every show from The View, to the mainstream news to late night pathetic comedians of today who are not fit to carry Don Rickles' jock strap (unless they wore it like a muzzle).

Hahahah  [nervous laughter] of course Ginsberg isn't dead! Just because there have been no photos of her in the last several months [nervous laughter, sporadic giggling] do you think I'm some kind of conspiracy nut?  [wringing hands, beads of forehead sweat]  do you think 'they' would really go to any lengths, including employing a body-double to 'work from home' in order to save their unholy sacrament of infanticide? [nervous laughter, chattering teeth]....


  1. I always wondered about the career of Ruth Buzzy. I didn't realize she had gone to law school.

  2. I loved Laugh-in. The greatest comedy hour on TV ever. Funnier than SNL even with the not ready for prime time players. They could bring it back today and it would be one I'd watch every week or day for that matter. Rowan and Martin at the epilogue of the show pointing and laughing was because Jo-Ann Worley was standing between the cameramen stripping down to nothing. hahaha

    Look at the 'comedy' and news flow we have today. Enough to make a Gila Monster eat his own puke.

  3. Ed, I don't think Ginsberg went to law school either, as evidenced by her ramblings and political hack agenda. This is the earliest evidence of body-doubles being used in place of her.

    Kid - I looked forward to that show every week in my 'yute'. it is a pathetic group of so-called entertainers today. Their politicians actually elicit more belly laughs out of me than their late night joke readers.

  4. A Red MAGA hat = White Klan hood. They are one in the same. Yes, some people might ignorantly wear a MAGA hat and be in denial about what it stands for. But white Klan hood wearers insist that they belong to a "Christian organization". This shooter wasnt wearing a MAGA hat, but he had MAGA in his heart.