Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Game of Pong

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dangles 2020 endorsement: Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren?

Only one way AOC will be comfortable making this choice.  That's right...


My money's on The Injun. I still remember fondly her beer Instagram candidacy announcement On New Year's Eve... "I'm gonna get me... ummm, a beer"

Now if she can only get the darn bottle open!


  1. I don't know what beer pong IS but this made me laugh!

  2. I agree on the fake injun choice for AOC.

    BTW - Did you notice above Lizzy's head to the left is a porcelin of a black boy chomping down on watrermelon ?? Hahhaahaaaa

    Bigger Image

  3. Laughing is good Z! And your innocent act doesn't fool me. I know you are the California ladies beer pong champion. only for you, it's Chardonnay pong.

    Kid, I saw that on another photo where they had it circled. I first thought it was a photoshop but no, haha!!! what a hippo