Saturday, June 8, 2019

Glenn Beck's Latest Masterpiece

The Glenn Beck Show (and all of Blaze Media) is in my regular rotation, and that is how I know that this Hitler painting took him 10 hours to complete. His podcast cracks me up - he told the story of when he was just finishing this painting when his wife walks into the room. She looks at the Hitler painting. She looks at her husband and she says, "what are we going to be doing tonight?" - not even commenting on the latest of her husband's idiosyncrasies.

In the painting, Glenn compares the genocidal maniac, Adolph Hitler, with the genocidal government funded Planned Parenthood. Great minds think alike. I had this same though back in 2013. I'll re-post below, but first the painting that Ebay removed yesterday (joining the likes of twitter, Facebook, google and Youtube as leftist propaganda publishers who want to silence the right and are afforded the governmental protections as platforms.)

That sounds like the policies of the past. Learn from the it, or be doomed to repeat it. Bid on my painting based on 1940's U.S. war propaganda and share. All proceeds go to Mercury One for pro-life charities.
- Glenn Beck

and now, this blast from the past (and possibly Beck's motivation for his painting? I want my cut of that $1 sales price!)

Parallel Universe Thursday: Planned Fatherland and the trial of Dr. Mengele

Somewhere in a parallel universe (not that far away); a place where Germany won WWII...

Planned Fatherland is the largest provider of "reproductive health services" in Nazi Germany. Due to the Fuehrer's generous funding, Planned Fatherland has established numerous concentration clinics providing free services to poor Jewish, Christian and black peasants all across New Deutschland, or what was once known as America.

They have come a long way since the 1930s and '40s, when they were able to provide post-fertilization services to only about 6 million indigent Jews. Since then, they have expanded these free concentration contraception services to all who worship at the altar of the "Angel of Death" (but specifically targeted to eradicate from humanity the impure races of Jews and Africans). From 6 million to over 54 million served! Heil Dear Leader!

Earlier this week, Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty. Not because he enjoyed killing thousands of babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors. Not because he put late-term survivors in a toilet and amused himself by watching them swim. He was not found guilty because he stored remains of aborted fetuses in water jugs, pet food containers and a freezer at the clinic. After all, he was only following the techniques established by Planned Fatherland's founder, "Doctor" Josef Rudolf Mengele, who is famous for performing human experiments on children. 

No, Dr. Kermit Gosnell's crimes are much more heinous than those. You see, instead of quietly going about his spine snipping business behind closed doors, he made the mistake of bringing negative attention to himself and the Nazi ProgreSSive cause.

Planned Fatherland issued this statement:
"We must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal torture and purging from society of the racially undesirable elements."

The life of a Jew after a botched gassing should be left up to the Kommandant, the fuehrer, and the physician.

"ProgreSSives" are the same in any universe, and by any other name would be as morally corrupt.


  1. It's beyond me who can vote for a democrat. But I believe G Beck, the anti-Trump is pleased to be ale to vote for Biden, or maybe it was the Butti guy ?

  2. Beck has changed his mind on Trump.

  3. Very good then. As said, I can't imagine who can vote for democrats outside of illegals and welfare queens.

  4. beck has frustrated me on many occasions but I still love the dude. very funny show at times, and he is not a never trumper. he was a huge critic during election cycle and a big Cruz supporter - but then again, so was I. Trump train now.

  5. Cool, I was misinformed. I did like listening to his show when I was listening to talk radio, but that's been years ago now.