Sunday, August 8, 2021

Obama 'S-Show' Continues

 When I read this NY Post story headline with photo .........

I assumed the cause of this traffic jam 's-show' had to be something extraordinarily macabre and frightening...


  1. Dude! Not while I'm sipping my coffevfe!

  2. According to the many after-action reports we’re getting from attendees, including of course Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Jennifer Hudson, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and the Tucson Kid, Obama served brownies and watermelon slices for desert. Now personally, I would have been offended about the watermelon slices, which according to Martha Stewart’s Guide for Ethnocentristic Ho Downs, is racisssss, but it didn’t bother Kid who took with him four (4) unsliced watermelons as a memento of the event. Also, I should point out that my use of the word “Ho” has nothing to do with Moochelle’s popping out of a cake fully dressed (which did conform to EPA guidelines).

    I’d also like to emphatically state that no one was murdered in Martha’s Vineyard while police were diverted to traffic duty outside Sultan Mustafa’s ... er, Barack Hussein’s palatial estate and no animals were killed, maimed, for mistreated during the production of any unauthorized videos.

    1. I'll give a full report on this someday when I think the general public might be able to handle it.

  3. Well, I have it on Very Good authority, that being all the Real News outlets than everyone in attendance was wearing N95 masks, was Fully Vaccinated and was Social Distancing.

  4. Have you ever explained "DaBlade?"!!!

  5. Is Biden an Idiot, a Senile Lunatic, a Delusional Walking Embarrassment to our Country Yes, you can bet your last dollar on it . And so is everyone who voted for him

  6. Actions, and Results Always Have, and Always Should, Speak Louder than Words.
    And as they say...”Elections have Consequences”
    I've seen Mr. Trump's campaign, when his speeches were unfiltered, and ,un-rehearsed, and basically I thought that he spoke like an erupting Volcano NOT confused, NOT brainwashed, NOT bamboozled, not filled with the Stuttering, and Blabbering, and most of all NOT full of Gaffs like someone else that we all know. God knows that at these troubled times our country desperately needs to be leadt of the wilderness in which we've been lost in for the past year or so, and I don’t think that we have had the kind of leader that Trump has been maybe since Ronald Reagan left office.
    So here I am, finding myself completely sold on the basic decency, love of Country, and the determination to have President Trump re-elected, and to save the Nation from, GOD only knows just how bad we have sunk to...

    And think about it, we cannot afford to have a Commander in Chief who has a case of “Dementia " even if it appears only part of the time, as we know Dementia is by no means constant. It comes and goes. Like yesterday when Creepy Joe BiDumb asked a Black Reporter if he was a Junkie. Because he didn’t like being asked the reporters question.
    Do you realize the Storm that the left would have made that is Donald Trump said the exact same thing?
    Maybe we should be pity Sleepy Joe, lets face it many of us have a Joe Biden in our family, many of us know someone who is a bit to long in the tooth. Some old Uncle that we had Laughed at when he wasn’t looking.
    I guess that the man deserves some compassion. But what the hell, I don't pity him enough to elect him to be the President of the United States of America. Hell NO! The man is an embarrassment to our County, and our Political system and hopefully he won't make us an embarrassment to the world to much longer.
    . So, vote for Trump in the nex election and give Biden the dignity he deserves, the dignity that we would give to a Dog that had lived too long... Not to mention the fact that the American people need more then ever to reelect Trump, the county need a man like him in these troubled times.

    And we can NOT have a President who would have a Puppeteer pulling his strings in the wings waiting to rush in, and grab the reins whenever sleepy Joe starts to wander off into fantasy land whenever he starts talking about his days in the pool with the kids playing with the hair on his legs, or whining, and slobbering until “Doctor” Jill comes in to walk him off..
    Lets face it the guy is a shill, a FRONT MAN as President, with the stinking little members of the “Squad” and a “Women of Color chomping at the bit for him to retire to the Pasture where no one could bother him while he Naps the day away..
    And as far as all you disappointed Hillary Clinton fans, I’m sorry but Hillary will not be Biden's running mate, no matter when, or what! So Uncle Joe Biden will have to play the both parts of dumb and dumber

    But have no fear, everything will be alright, Sleepy Joe is going to get a Black Woman to Replace him as -President and everything will be all right.
    What happened to “QUALIFICATIONS”????? Why isn’t Sleepy Joe looking for the person with the best “Qualifications” be it Man or Women, Black or White, and why isn’t everybody else talking about that? Does Joe Biden’s replacement Really Have to Be a Woman, and a Black Women to boot??

    But no matter what those fake news Polls say Donald Trump is about to whoop the Democrat's ass, and put them all out of their Misery.. What does that say about Democrats policies and their candidates?? . I know what it shows me. It shows that American’s don’t want any part of Socialism, or worst COMMUNISM/. and the Stupid agenda of that “New Green Deal” that the “Squad” cooked up. This is still America, and we still want to be living the American way of Life .

  7. We are seeing very clearly what has been happening in those Democratic run cities, with the Democrat’s policies where the Thugs Riot, Loot, Tear down Our Statues, and our history, and Burn Down Buildings, and Police Cars, and want to de-fund the Police, or run into Luxury stores in San Francisco with 80 others and loot it until theres noting left but empty shelves. , And then try to tell you that its Trump's fault? Only in the land of the liberal news media can that happen!
    And where a man from a long family history of running a successful Hispanic Food Company is BOYCOTTED because he said something nice about the President of the United States! Or the Pillow Guy is Boycotted because he’s a fan of Trumps.
    Trump may not be as elegant as we would like, and he certainly lacks the class that other Presidents have had in the past, , but he's a Dynamo when it comes wheeling, and dealing, and putting the Chinese in their place. . And I am positive his primary motive for putting himself into the storm is a sincere desire to help the country that he loves. And compared to Biden and AOC and Pelosi and Talib, and the rest of that bunch of Mental Midgets , Donald J. Trump is a Giant.