Sunday, August 8, 2021

Obama 'S-Show' Continues

 When I read this NY Post story headline with photo .........

I assumed the cause of this traffic jam 's-show' had to be something extraordinarily macabre and frightening...


  1. Dude! Not while I'm sipping my coffevfe!

  2. According to the many after-action reports we’re getting from attendees, including of course Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Jennifer Hudson, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and the Tucson Kid, Obama served brownies and watermelon slices for desert. Now personally, I would have been offended about the watermelon slices, which according to Martha Stewart’s Guide for Ethnocentristic Ho Downs, is racisssss, but it didn’t bother Kid who took with him four (4) unsliced watermelons as a memento of the event. Also, I should point out that my use of the word “Ho” has nothing to do with Moochelle’s popping out of a cake fully dressed (which did conform to EPA guidelines).

    I’d also like to emphatically state that no one was murdered in Martha’s Vineyard while police were diverted to traffic duty outside Sultan Mustafa’s ... er, Barack Hussein’s palatial estate and no animals were killed, maimed, for mistreated during the production of any unauthorized videos.

    1. I'll give a full report on this someday when I think the general public might be able to handle it.

  3. Well, I have it on Very Good authority, that being all the Real News outlets than everyone in attendance was wearing N95 masks, was Fully Vaccinated and was Social Distancing.

  4. Have you ever explained "DaBlade?"!!!