Thursday, November 25, 2021

The First Thanksgiving, as told to the drunks lining the bar by AOC.

Long before the white dogs came to the United States, the area was inhabited by many Native American tribes. These native people lived in peace and spent their days dancing and singing and planting trees. They didn't pollute the land or water. They didn't own anything and were happy about it. 

One day, a ship called the Mayflower filled with white supremacists and Proud Boys landed somewhere near Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

They immediately began to throw toilet paper at the indigenous people's homes, which is why they call it tee peeing.

Then Chief Thomas Rainwater invited Captain Dutton and the invaders to share in their meal of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. 

The mostly peaceful Native Americans waited on the white devils 'hand and moccasin', and for a short time, peace and harmony returned to the pristine land. 

A short time later, the whiteys massacred all of the natives and stole the land. The climate immediately began to change.



  1. Finally! Someone willing to tell the troof!
    Well done!

  2. That's what I remember from school. You left out the part about the Macy's parade, and the killer SUV's.

    1. That's the problem with Howard Zinn history books....

  3. Leave it to DaBlade to finally tell the truth! What a hoot! lol

  4. Lets say it like it is! Let’s be honest with ourselves... , Without RACISM in their lives, and in their Politics the Democrats, and Joe Bidumb can’t exist . They are all about keeping the social issues, and the RASE issue alive This is what they thrive on and they keep it up-front so that they can use it whenever they need it. They have no incentive to solve these issues, and they certainly do not want to “Unite” the country, as they have no other message or platform to offer beyond it.And Bidung as already shown his hand, he is NOT interested in Uniting the Country.

    They were so VOCAL when Donald Trump did something “ANYTHING” that they didn’t like. But ever since day one with this Illegal President this country has never had so many Illegitimate, Crime Seeking, Bottom Feeding, Taxpayer Draining, Pride-less, Un-American Low Life's on It's Soil..

    The Leftist, Progressive’s uses people to increase there reach into political power...they use Race...and whatever else they can to influence the Uneducated and Un-Informed Americans....
    And unfortunately the Blacks have fallen for this for way too long...take a look around Black America....what hav the liberals done for you?...How many of their promises have they kept? ...And how much better off were you under Donald Trump?....Please Wake up and Stop Being a Sucker.

    Take a good look at the neighborhood that you live in, take a good look at who is really killing the Black people. It’s the Black on Black crime that is prevalent. Not the White Cop who shot a Black man. That happens only when someone doesn’t obey the Police Officer, and challenges him. Don’t be fooled. Yes there’s a bad Cop now and then, but it’s the Black on Black crime that’s killing the children that are playing in the street, and , and it’s the Black on Blacks that are the Shooting each other.
    It’s the Black Lives Matter who are behind the Chaos, and the Violence. And the Democrats aren’t doing a damn thing to stop it..

  5. Thanks for this telling of AOC's twisted tale of our beginnings.

    This is one more reason to "Make AOC Bartend Again."

  6. I'm hoping you become like one of the Major History book writers if not The Top Dog.

  7. So, Slow Joe says that “If he’s Healthy, he will MOST CERTAINLY run again in 2024" And if you believe that! Then SHAME on you! Because there is NO WAY in Hell that this Delusional, Senile. Stuttering, Blabbering, Idiot will run again, and if he does, he will most likely get less that the 29 Percent of the Voters who support him now, to support him in his Re-Election!
    In fact, I’d be shocked, and surprised if he even continues to stay in office through out the next year....
    If there is ANY doubt in YOUR mind, just ask yourself if things are really getting better or worse now then when Donald Trump was President?
    Ask yourself how things are today with ANY of the following!
    Start with the Economy, and work your way down, and the answers for each will be NO!
    Energy Production/Prices
    Gas Prices
    Food Prices
    Restaurant Prices
    Border/Mass Migration
    Education including CRT.
    Government Fraud
    Law Enforcement-Defunding the Police!
    Race Relations
    Increasing Socialism Communistic policies.
    Military Preparedness
    Sexual Harassment
    Corruption of Sports
    Our Policy with: China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, and Taiwan
    And lets not forget the Immigration CRISIS at the Southern Border!
    And the Censorship of the media and the Cancel Culture.
    And the situation is getting worse every single day he’s in office with that with that Ding-Bat, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Moron he calls his Vice President.

  8. Excellent. I would write more but I think everyone here has covered most of what I would have said. Bravo!


  9. It's not that Biden isn't doing what we want, it's everything he DOES DO he TOTALLY SCREWS UP!
    Well gee whiz, What DOES "Old Joe" do anyway? ? NOTHING It's natural to blame Joe Biden because everything he touches turns to CRAP!
    Don’t agrtee? Well lets take a look at the thing that he DID Control....The Afghan withdrawal? The Border? Inflation? Crime? Supply Chain issues? Covid? Handing our Free Money to people who are To Damn Lazy To Go To Work! Don’t believe that? Look at ALL the Help Wanted Signs all over the Country!
    The bottom line is this, YOU Progressive Socialist Dummies put the Dumbest, the most Delusional, the most Corrupt, the Lying, Dishonest Man to sit in the Senate for the better part of forty years behind a desk in the Oval Office and now for the lack of anyone else in the Presidency and we're stuck with the result. The Democrats will get their asse’s handed to them in the Mid term Elections, and Joe Biden will then spend two years (if he lasts that long) as the Lamest of Lame Duck Presidents.
    This is the Idiot who gave the United States of America
    Barbed Wire Barricaded Walls around our Capitol Building.
    Who treated our Troops t like Crap, Making them sleep on a Concreat Floor.
    Who made Secret deals done dirt cheap through His Crack-snorting Son with Foreign Countries?
    Who allowed 2 Million Illegal’s into our Country to flood to the country with Corvid and who knows what else? year? And then secretly bused them all over without even a Covid test or vaccine.
    The FBI sent to harass school moms?
    A totally botched pullout with 14,000 people left behind?
    Giving a terror outfit 28 billion dollars of military hardware? The best and brand new?
    Spiraling Food, Fuel and Energy Costs.
    A National debt spiraling like there is no tomorrow?
    Crime everywhere in the Countries Cities out of control
    War looming all over the Planet?
    A President who farts and Craps in his pants around every public function.
    A guy who needs to be told what to say and has to read cards to tell him what to say, and where he is.
    Covid worse than ever after being told twice this year that it was almost behind us? And after telling us last year it was only this way because the last President was Incompetent when HE was the one that gave us the Vaccines in Record time!
    Police walking around in Stores, and Restaurants like the Gestapo arresting people for not carrying a Vaccination card.
    Shutting down Our Oil Pipelines when we were Energy Independent, and had low priced Oil, and Gas. .
    Commies like him want high gas prices,

    Sounds like you lefties are Happy over the fact that your “President” and all Democratic policies are wrecking the country and you can’t even pretend otherwise anymore.
    Your party is spending cash like Drunken Sailors and THAT has fueled RECORD inflation.

    The Out of Control Crime is exploding in cities run by Democrats so I don't care how many of them pay the price for their irresponsible voting .
    It's FOOLISH to try to draw a comparison between America under Trump and this NEW Amerika under Slow Joe Biden, or whoever the hell is running things in Washington.. . You will have a chance to see how many Americans agree with my assessment, in about 11 months, when we Get Rid Of this Cancer that You Progressives have let loose on us. Joe Bidung is a Walking, Talking, Stuttering, Bumbling Incompetent Disaster.

  10. The the Democratic party seems to have been taken over by a bunch of Emotional IDIOTIC people with their latest rage of nitwits who want a Sex Change. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, but the Newest, and Latest rage of these Moronic Screw-Balls, is to become Transvestites.
    Wherever you go these days, Tansies seem to be in the headlines. the difference between a Transvestite and a Transsexual. The former does it for fun and recreation -- the latter does it for "keeps"..
    The biggest thing is that young people feel so disconnected due to the complete political insanity going on is a Sex Change.
    The fact that since there are so few Real Trans people, compared to “Normal people”, makes being Trans “abnormal”. It may be normal to Trans people. But not to to what we know as “normal people”.
    In a democracy, majority rules. And we the majority rule Trans people as being weirdo's
    Lots of Transvestites who don’t fit into the LGBTQ fashionable agenda.

    Today, beingTrans is a Fad and nothing more. I'd bet that less than 5% of Tansies are doing it for Fad reasons.
    They do it because they want to Feel Special and Unique and Different. They feel they get special attention for it. They grew up with parents constantly telling them they are special unique people that are awesome and fantastic. As they grow they become less so, so they do it in order to continue feeling that way.
    The media Glorifies Tansies also helps feed the fires. They see being Trans glorified in the news and how the Political Weirdo’s in the Democratic party loves their Tansies so they want to be in on it. Also Kids love to be troublemakers, and rabble-rousers, as they see Trans people "being brutalized and degraded" and they want so they join the cause just so they get to feel like they are doing something truly important..also Kids are usually pretty stupid and will do what other kids do so they can feel apart of something

  11. I guess that delusional Biden forgot that he told the governors in a virtual meeting last Monday that his administration should have done more to speed up the availability of rapid testing, before his pledge this month for 500 million kits due to begin distribution in January, which will be too late to help this week's holiday crunch.
    So the bottom line is that Old Slow Joe Screwed Up, once again!

  12. If I had I the power, or any influence , I’d give the following advice to Slow Joey Bidum, and every member of his idiotic administration Including, and especially his Ding-Bat Vice President, his So Called Inept Secretary of State, his Attorney General, and each and every menmber of the, Supreme Court. I would give them the following important, and OBVIOUS suggestions:
    Starting with masks!
    Masks aren’t good for people, and no matter what that Lunatic, “America’s Doctor Anthony Fauci says.
    Remote learning isn’t good for School Kids, and keeping the Schools OPEN is very important to their Health, and Social Upbringing.
    Social distancing isn’t good for society, and nobody does it anyway!
    Natural immunity is better than vaccinations for people who do not have any Underlying Medical Conditions, and not considered High Risk.
    The B ig Pharm Corporation, and their investors are getting obscenely rich from these Vaccinations, and there doesn’t seem to be any end to them.
    The threats in Taiwan and Ukraine are a direct result of what happened in Afghanistan, and the rest of the world sees the United States of America as an extremely WEAKENED Country with the current, inept, and unqualified Biden Administration. We have lost our threat of Strength around the entire world.
    The Increasing Taxes will have no effect whatever on the effects of what it may, or may not do for “Climate Change”
    Infrastructure, or Electric Vehicles are not the answer to our problems, and the Money that Biden/Pelosi wants for their Bill is OBSCENE, and UNWARRANTED, and it should NOT be passed.
    The United Nations is, and always has been a Farce, and it creates more problems than it solves!
    The research on Covid Vaccines is not yet complete yet, and we are not going about it in the correct way.
    Biden’s inflation will be with us for at least another year, and it is ruining the Businesses, that have already been greatly damaged because of the Idiotic Restriction put on them.
    Donald Trump should ABSOLUTELY run again, he was doing the BEST Job as President since Ronald Reagan.
    Hillary Clinton should NEVER run again
    Kamalla Harris should resign, the quicker the better.
    Mail-in ballots are an open invitation for corruption, and Voter ID is very necessary.
    Stimulus Checks, and giving away “Free Mony” were a really bad idea, it causes the Lazy people to be more Lazy and it hurt the Employment of in almost every phase of business.
    Let’s be real, and call it like it is The 2020 election was stolen from Trump in so many ways that even a Blind Man can see that!
    Biden’s “Build-Back-Better” Plan is a looming catastrophic Failure, and would involve, and cause even greater damage and suffering if continued..
    KamalaHarris was a Stupid Choice for Vice Preside, and Biden’s reason for Picking her was even More Stupic than she has proven to be.
    Fauci is a self-possessed little twit who needs to to be self-quarantined himself and should never be heard from again.
    We need to GET RID of MaleTransvestites in Women’s Sports or it will be the END of Women’s Sports.
    Nancy Pelosi is not the slightest bit interested in what’s good for the country, she is the most Power-Hungry person in this party of Clowns. And should have been dealt with after her Tearing-Up Trumps State of the Union Speech which was Disgusting.
    Epstein didn’t hang himself, Ask Hillary Clinton!
    CRT is a crime; and Black Lives Matter is a cult, and the Grab-and Run Mob of Thugs need to be IN JAIL much more that the January 6th people do.

  13. President Idiot says
    "I've been having these quiet conversations with members of Congress for the last two months. I'm tired of being quiet," Biden said, slamming his hand on the lectern.

  14. EMPTY SHELVES? Yes, we are seeing empty shelves every day these days, and we can't just sit back and blame it on the "Supply Lines". No it's a lot more that that! Seeing what this "So Called" President has done, as IS doing to our Country makes me Shiver. Shiver with Fear, and "Fear is something that I had never felt before, certainly not fear for our country. I don't think that I need to spell out the long list of FAILURES, that this man has had during his short Presidency. I'm sure that you are aware of them as well as I am.
    Things just can NOT continue to go on the way that it has for the mast 12 months. If they do then there will be very little hope for the future of this Country.
    So what will 2024 bring us. More of the same? Hopefully not.Will we have more of the same Hatred for Donald Trump in 2024? Hopefully NOT.
    Then perhaps the answer lies with Governor Ron DeSantis, of Florida.
    America’s Boldest, and perhaps the most successful Governor in all of America..
    So I have done a little research on the Governor that I call America's Governor.
    A native Floridian, Governor Ron DeSantis attended Yale University, where he captained the university baseball team and graduated magna cum laude. He also gradated with honors from Harvard Law School. While at Harvard Law, DeSantis earned a commission in the U.S. Navy as a JAG Officer. During his active duty service, Lieutenant DeSantis deployed to Iraq as an advisor to a U.S. Navy SEAL Commander in support of the SEAL mission in Iraq. His military decorations include the Iraq Campaign Medal of the Bronze Star (meritorious service).
    We can enjoy the freedoms we have because of the brave men and women like Governor DeSantis who fought for us, and continue to fight today.
    We will always remember their bravery and service. Freedom is not free.
    Thank you, for leading by example, Governor DeSantis

  15. We need a 100% boycott on these Olympics, in fact we need to boycott anything, and EVERYTHING made in China altogether. We should be treating them just like the Bastards they are .This Bidumb administration can talk the talk, but they can’t walk the walk. We all know damn well that China has Delusional Joey in their pocket.
    It’s just Sickening to see how our fellow Americans buying into this Leftist Bull Crap called the Olympias

    Did you ever hear such CRAP in your life? Its exactly this kind of “CRAP”, that makes me want to stop watching all this BS on TV. It’s everywhere that you go. On the TV coverage of the regular TV programs that I turn OFF almost every night, on TV Commercials, And especially on Sporting events such as Football, and Baseball is full of it. And now it’s ALL OVER THE OLYMPICS.
    It’s just SICKENING! Sickening to see how our fellow Americans buying into this Leftist Bull.
    So I turned on my computer last night, becase I’m not tired seeing TV’s stories about the Olympics and the lead story is about that the way that these Leftist People are Waving our Flag Up Side Down at the Games. I’m SICK of it.

  16. As I’m sick of hearing the Progressives talk about the January 6 “Riots” at the U.S.. Capitol.
    What the HELL does the January 6 Riots at the U.S.. Capitol have to do with Sports any way ?
    Seeing the American Flag being waved in such a way begs to ask “WHAT AMERICA AM I LIVING IN?” Well where the HELL happened to our Patriotism? Why are we bowing to China? To Russia? To Iran. Why not just boycott the Red Chinese OLYMPIC Games completely and encourage other countries to do the same. Why not hold Olympic Games right here in America for the Freedom Loving Athletes to compete in and for our networks to cover? Why send all that money to any of those Corrupted Nations? What's wrong with the athletes performing in this Country instead of a Hell Hole?
    Our athletes should not be used as political pawns. Our athletes deserve to have their moment in the Sun In My Humble Opinion, the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t deserve the Olympics.
    We all know what’s going on there in those Slave Markets. Why are we apologists for the Red Chinese Slave Labor? Is the fact that they made those payoffs to the Biden Crime Family the reason? China Joe and his handlers are scrambling trying to prove how he is not Xi's "Old Friend" But we know the score, we know all about Senile Joe’s Crackhead Son, and his dealings with the Chinese Communist party, and asking them for help in the 2022 and 2024 elections...
    The great thing about the Olympics has always been that it is / has been about purely about Sports / Competition, Not Politics. It ha been about athletes wanting to be the best in the world - that's been their motivating factor.
    Now Marxist, Socialist hate-driven Anti-American freaks, and Brain-washed Idiots want to win just so they can attack and insult the Nation that gave them the opportunity to compete on the world stage. And only Snowflakes, and Progressives could support that.

    Did you ever seen a Russian, a Chinese Communist, or a Cuban, or North Korean athlete openly Attack Their Own Country or Burn Their Flag on the world stage? I am sure these Nations would love to give the he/she the opportunity to compete for them, win, and burn the US flag on the podium. I suggest she take one of them up on it.

    And on another note:
    Does anyone remember what happened during the last Olympics when a Transgender Olympic athlete says her ‘goal’ was to ‘burn a US flag on the podium? Do America-hating POSes like that have any 'RIGHT' to represent this country they hate at the Olympics? The country who pays to train, and sent that piece of Garbage to another Nation to say things like that? These people are funded and supported by our country, you go there to represent the Nation and then you want to burn the flag if you win?
    I hope that POS doesn't ever win an Award for anything. I am also very hesitant to allow Transgender athletes to compete. .
    That's my opinion. Like it or not.