Wednesday, March 16, 2022

It has been 111 days since my last blog post

 Yes, I checked my math on my wood abacus. 

A quick impromptu poll... should I start back blogging on a semi-irregular schedule again, or stay in a semi-lucid retirement state?  Just comment on this post either "Yah" or "Yes". (I will even accept obvious lengthy spam comments that never even mention the post these bots are replying to and assume these as "Si'".

Stay tuned for the surprising results!  


  1. Yes, I forgot to include the 'close parenthesis' but gimmee a break. No one has ever came here for gooder gramer) Also, this comment will be counted as the first 'Yes".

  2. Replies
    1. I'm gonna count that as a positive vote.


    2. Ketanji Brown Jackson has shown a pattern of being sift on crime especially pedophiles, who deserve no sympathy or leniency what so ever!

  3. My question for today is Why is Biden SO HUNG UP on transgender?
    And WHY is Secretary of State Antony . Blinken Flying the Rainbow Pride flag on the same pole as the American flags at embassies and consulates
    missions all over the world on the same flag pole as the American flag.Richard Levine, posing as a woman, and calling himself "Rachael Levine". Biden just appointed this nutjob to the second highest job in HHS, and made him a 4 star admiral in something.
    Richard Levine is still a man, despite calling himself Rachel Levine. He has X and Y chromosomes in every cell of his body, which can never change. He also, more than likely, has his family jewels intact. So despite popular opinion he is a man, not a woman.
    Why any mother would let Levine near her kids is a mystery. But that question aside, Biden thinks the The Man in High Heels is just right for the job.
    Said the leader of the party of science, which denies the biological reality of sex:

    Dr. Rachel Levine will... meet the public health needs of our country. WHAT?

    Really ? So we "need" to have a total lunatic teaching college students about psychiatry (Levine does) and giving medical treatment to children. WOW, is this country ever messed up right now.

    And then there’s Sam Brinton, the looney tune drag queen that Biden just appointed to a top job in his Dept. of Energy, handling nuclear waste disposal.
    Yes folks, this a MAN ...Sam Brinton is a drag queen, a critic of gay conversion therapy, and an LGBTQ+ activist who has lectured on kink at college campuses and participated in interviews about fetish roleplay.

    And we are not through yet, then tere is Shawn Skelly Biden's Tranny Looney pick for the important DOD job, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness >>

    Don't be fooled folks! This is a MAN folks...This crap is ridiculous and left loons know it.

    Look, I see it all the time in my professional life. Gay, and transgender people, leveraging their gayness or their gender identity in order to gain promotions in companies seeking diversity. Sometimes, it is obvious, that transgender people are faking it. But it is just as wrong to deny someone a position because of their sexual identity, It is absolutely correct to deny someone a position because of their "gender identity", because if like you> they think in terms of "gender identity" (which there is no such thing) they are nuts.

  4. As far as your question is concerned… YES


  5. Two months after the 2020 election ended with Joe Biden already the declared winner, the federal cybersecurity agency declared it was a perfectly secure vote. But two Months later, federal prosecutors admitted that two Iranian nationals hacked into a state’s database and stole the identities of 100,000 voters in an effort to influence the election.

  6. Can you imagine if one of Trump's Sons was a Crack Cocaine addict, forgot that he left his laptop with a computer repairman, and on the laptop were videos of him smoking crack, and having Sex with girls, one of whom was suspected of being his dead brother's underage daughter?

    Then to top it all off, imagine one of Trump's sons purchasing a pistol while being a drug addict, committing a felony by lying at an official interrogation,, and then his wife disposing of the pistol by placing it on top of a trash can?

    Those things would have been plastered all over the front page of every publication in the world, every search engine result, and on every television media outlet.
    And the scary thing about this entire story is that if the New York Slimes hadn’t reported it now, it still wouldn’t have been believed by half of the Country!

  7. Does Anyone think that there is a chance of Joe Biden giving up Ice Cream for Lent ?

    I myself doubt it very much, as something like Ice Cream seems to be one of the MOST important things in this man's empty life.

  8. Mike said...

    There is a meme going around that shows how she is more qualified than any of the sitting judges.

    There is also a Rumor going around that show Judge Jackson giving VERY LIGHT Sentences to Pedophiles. Oh, wait a minute, that's Not a rumor, that's a FACT!

  9. After all of these reveals how can ANYONE in the Senate support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson If they do it will It would TRULY show their true RED COLORS.

  10. The FBI took possession of the laptop in late 2019, according to a computer repairman in Delaware who showed reporters a copy of a subpoena. The subpoena is real, according to people briefed on the matter, but the FBI and prosecutors in Delaware have refused to confirm the existence of the investigation.
    It's unclear whether the laptop's contents are relevant to the ongoing federal probe and whether investigators can even use them, given potential chain of custody requirements for evidence.
    CNN has previously reported that at least some of the information Giuliani claims came from the laptop appears similar to information that was being shared by others last year in Ukraine, according to one witness who the FBI has approached for information. Giuliani's efforts to dig up dirt on the Bidens in Ukraine last year were at the heart of Trump's impeachment. The current investigation into Hunter Biden appears to predate those efforts.
    The involvement of Trump lawyers in the published news stories on the purported Biden laptop led to a flurry of activity by Republican lawmakers and the Trump campaign looking to amplify allegations of corruption ahead of the election. The FBI met with a former Hunter Biden business associate who publicly made claims about potential wrongdoing. The FBI issued a statement at the time saying that "as a general matter when contacted, the FBI reviews information from the public for consideration of any violations of applicable federal laws."
    The political implications of the probe already have been an issue in recent months for Barr, who was under public pressure from Trump to make Hunter Biden's business activities an election issue. To date, the investigation doesn't involve any allegations of wrongdoing by the President-elect, according to the two main sources briefed on the matter. Barr has said publicly the elder Biden was not under investigation, despite a public campaign by Trump urging Barr to announce a corruption probe of both Bidens.

  11. All YOU Democrats who either voted for Joe Biden or manipulated votes to get him elected, need to take a good look at our March 2022 America. For that matter, just look at the whole world, and the state that it is in, after a little more than a year of Biden mismanagement, weakness, carelessness, corruption, and downright unconcern.

    We now have:
    1. The threat of Nuclear War (which I haven't felt since the Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962),
    2. astronomical inflation like has never been seen,
    3. reckless opening of the Mexican border, with millions of unvetted, unvaccinated illegal aliens pouring in, and then being flown around the country on the taxpayer dollar,
    4. energy crisis (after being world #1 energy producer)
    5. Supply fiasco, with hundreds of cargo ships stalled
    6. The Afghanistan Fiasco
    7. The Mixed Gender Bathrooms in Schools.
    8.. The Critical Race Theory
    9. The IDIOTIC Nominees for the Supreme Court.
    10. Hunter’s Laptop.

  12. When a Harvard educated candidate for the Supreme Court Nominee can’t tell a man from a woman without a biology degree, I would submit we no longer need worry about gender equality. But I certainly think that we have reached the Bottom of the Barrel.

  13. Ketanji Brown Jackson will join Justice Sotomayor as the BIGGEST MORON’S who have EVER SAT on the Supreme Court.

  14. Biden told the troops that they’d be going to Ukraine, but the White House says Biden is wrong

  15. Remember that your Democratic friends and family are "DeFunding", eliminating the police departments. They won't stop UNLESS WE STOP THEM. The Shootings, Muggings, Raping, and yes KILLINGS are now happening all around all areas now..Wake up and read the police reports EVERY DAY . There were 5 Shootings right here in New York in over the last 2 days alone! . Stabbings up as well. CLOSE THE BORDER AND FUND THE POLICE, GET RID of these Democratic DA's, Judges, Mayors, and Governors, And Yes the Biggest Fraud of them all Joe Biden.

  16. Look, lets not pretend that Trump was some kind of savior or an angel. For every 10 good things that Trump there are a few bad things, but of course common logic would tell you that he is was FAR better than Obama and miles better than.. But we need to be realistic when we speak about Trump. I voted for him and I am not ashamed of it, And I most CERTAINLY would vote for him again, but I do not see him through rose colored glasses either.
    With that said, Id love to see him in office right now!

  17. Since day one of Biden’s Presidency, there as been one disaster, after another. And it seems as if it will never stop. . The world and the country has been occupied with the most trivial, ridiculous and infighting of the century. We not only wasted 4 years of Trumps masterful accomplishments, but we spent more time throwing Crap at him than anyone President has ever deserved. Who really knows just how much Trump could have accomplished if he didn’t have the 2 witches Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi on his tail And make no mistake about it, all that time Putin was laying back just waiting us Idiots to elect that delosional of Senile. Potatohead as our President Yes Putin was preparing to invade Ukraine, and China was occupied planning to take over the rest of the world. Ans the Inept man Joe Biden, was busy calling the opposition gutter names, and falling back on his promise to “Unite” the country. Instead of United, he pitted one American against another, by dividing peoples race and color and stupid vaccine mandates & party ideology. He & his party have been preoccupied with "the invisible “white supremacists" the IMAGINARY revolution of January 6th. His friend, the idiot stooge John Kerry, is upset that maybe Putin will not focus on Climate Change amid the Ukraine invasion. He didn’t even seem to care thet Thousands of innocent civilians were being Slaughtered, but climate change was HIS main focus. He was hoping Putin would help the world "stay on track" with fighting climate change despite the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. He was very concerned about the "massive emissions consequences". What a consolation for the innocent Ukrainians who are going to be dead in this war. Worried about what might happen if he were to Lose! He even threatened the use of Nukes if anyone else would dare to help his enemy. Biden committed a complete debacle when leaving Afghanistan & abandoning American citizens and our allies & now Ukraine, showing his weakness. He will slap Putin with the Mother of all " Sanctions" ! Putin & his oligarchs & generals & the military will just fold up & go back home because of the Biden sanctions.Oh no , oh please no more sanctions, please Joe Biden ! We are terrified by all these sanctions..Many have said that it takes no more than one president or one generation for America to be doomed. It is worse than the Carter era when the miracle Ronald Reagan appeared & saved the country & the free world.This time we have higher gas prices, higher food prices, overall higher inflation in more than 50 years. More crime & lawlessness. No borders & the majority of the people in complete depression & anxiety & disbelief on the state of their country.How inept, how incompetent can a leadership be ? And how much longer can the rest of the world stand by this disgusting mess.

  18. I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians who have to go through another invasion in their country, once again ! While reporters are asking him life altering questions Biden smiles & laughs, or leaves. I wonder if Kamala Harris is studying the root causes of invasions & aggression !? Putin would be a good case study for her !The tragedy that is Biden is a monumental catastrophe for the US & the free world. Another major catastrophic mistake was making America & its European allies dependent on Russian & other foreign energy & oil. All this was done in a year by this weak clown.You would think that in this day & age, conquest, colonialism and "building of empire" creating " satellite states" who are obedient to another foreign leader are long gone ! But when you have an imposter American leader, who is mentally challenged and incapable, this country & the free world are not safe.When Trump was President no foreign power invaded any other country, gas & food prices were low, the economy was the best ever, no inflation existed & the border was under control. Terrorist leaders were eliminated & America was respected by China & Russia & our own allies & others.In a year we lost it all & more, & it is just the beginning of this madness and incompetence & downfall.I pray for Ukraine & the Ukrainian people & leadership & I also pray for America & the American people !