Friday, November 9, 2012

But Obama and the evil one, crept up and slipped away with her, her, her....yeah

Wow. I should apologize for my apocalyptic post from Wednesday morning, the day after the election.

"Seriously 'Blade! Dramatized much!?"
And when the Tsunami rises to touch the sky as it speeds toward shore... I will stand calmly on the beach sipping coffee.

OK, I am calling myself out with a self-imposed B.S. alert. I would surely run like hell. And the barrel of my S&W will be smoking hot.

So I officially apologize for my "post election post" (PEP). Now that's not to say that I am somehow more optimistic 48 hours later, or less resigned to our collective fate. Au contraire mon ami's. As I read many of your PEPs, I know you feel me. But you know what they say. Greece wasn't broken in a day... or something like that. The point is, the fix is in.

My PEP failed my blog mission, which has always clearly been to amuse myself (and the dozens of the rest of you who visit this blog regularly or semi-regularly. Like you there in the back sir! Tell us your name and why you're here!

"My name is Spam, and I am from automation training in India, and very much I like to say great information here and thanking you very much to share. Please to click my spam link now very pleze."

Thanks Spam. No offense, but because of you and your buddies in "Pokystan" (that's a 'shout out' to our muzlim supreme leader) blog moderation "on".

Now that I think about it though, I did quote Benjamin Franklin, the Obamaphone lady and Jesus all in the same post, so maybe I was unintentionally funny. Maybe? A little?

Listen, I know I have animated chattering teeth in my blog sky box. I realize that after you stare mesmerized at it chattering up and down for 15 or 20 minutes chanting:

Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.

Then you quickly glance at my scrawlings in hopes of finding even just one crumb to cheer you up.

I looked back at my PEP from 2008 to remember this mission. While I was no happier about the decline of our country back then (and this WAS before I lost my 31 year career, lost my home to foreclosure, lost my retirement savings, several moves and downgrades... etc)  I at least was able to find an angle that humored myself. I realize we are so much closer to the  precipice today, but we still have to find something to laugh at, right?

So I promise I'll try to cheer you up. Posts may be a little sporadic is all.


  1. My temperament isn't one to be sad for long... I get mad and then get madder. It will be fodder for my writing.

    Glad you won't be a stranger. I just read that Chuck is pretty much chucking the blog. Too much for one day.

  2. I lot of conservative bloggers are giving up on blogging.

    I can only hope that they now channel their energy into doing something direct in politics -- at any level.

    But I doubt that working in politics will be the choice for most who have quit.

    They're given up.

    They see no future for America.

    I, too, believe that we are now living in "America" -- not in America.

    But I will not shut up until the First Amendment is dead -- a possibility in increments.

    So, if all that I can do is catalog the details of "America," so be it.